Colouring Sheets

If you think colouring is just for kids, think again! I have always been a colourer–that’s how I developed my art skills during my younger years. And as an adult, I was on the hunt for a more advanced approach to colouring, so I decided to make colouring pages from my paintings.

If you want to feel more artist-like, print these sheets using quality paper like card stock. You can use my original paintings as reference for your colouring or you can go mad and do whatever you feel. It’s fun to get lost in colouring–very relaxing and good for the soul.

When you’re done, upload them to my Facebook Page for a chance to win a random draw prize. I showed you mine, now you show me yours.

View my painting of Wedding Corner.

View my painting of Blowing in the Wind.

View my painting of Republic of Barn.

View my painting of Above Water.

View my painting of Newfoundland To Me.

View my painting of View From The Cafe.

View my painting of  The Space Between.