Heaven is a Pub

April 14, 2011
Before Dad passed away in 2003, I never really put much thought into what happens ‘afterwards’. I had settled into a nice easy theory that once you die, you go into the ground and that is it. It absolutely amazed me that the instant I heard the news about my Dad, everything changed. My heart instantly started searching for another answer because the one I ... Continue reading

Overworked & Tipsy – An Anniversary Story

April 5, 2011
Work, work, work. I needed a break. Running an interior design company in Halifax was fun and all-consuming – truly a labour of love. To ensure success, I hadn’t allowed myself time for a relationship. Glued to my desk one night, I heard a little voice in my head [or heart] say “It’s time to go out”. I had suppressed my inner party girl for ... Continue reading

Moving Home – Ex-boyfriend in Aisle 13

April 5, 2011
All you can do is laugh sometimes... When you live away in anonymous cities and towns you hardly ever run into people you know from your past. I was born and grew up, for the most part, in St. John’s, Newfoundland where the biggest social years of my life occurred including Junior High, High School, 6 years of university and 1 year of college. Then, like many Newfoundlanders, I headed ... Continue reading

My First Blog

September 21, 2010
Nothing to say tonight.  Just thought I'd get started with an account. Artist Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara - Experience Newfoundland & life through my artist eyes. Born and raised here on this big rock in the Atlantic Ocean. After my Fine Arts degree and Interior Decorating, lived away for ages. In 2009 moved back with new appreciation for this place. Come hang out and explore with me. ... Continue reading