Romantic Rust in Conception Harbour, Newfoundland

April 14, 2017
I am fortunate. My hubby, Besh, has always been the romantic sort and surprises me with gifts pretty often. He will buy me a book if he feels it jives with my latest train of thought or put my slippers by the door for when I get home. And I love that stuff! So one summer day after sailing around Avondale, Newfoundland with the gang, ... Continue reading

The Gift of Life – Jon’s New Lungs

September 14, 2016
This story is so wonderful! My step son's lungs helped to save someone's life too (not Jon's). Carl's organs also helped 6 other people's lives and up to 7 people's eyes benefited from his donation. I wonder if we will ever get to meet any of the recipients of the organs. Hmmm... In this video is Jon, our former mechanic and lung recipient. Good to see ... Continue reading

What I Learned About Losing a Step-Child

May 7, 2015
The article “What I Wish More People Understood About Losing a Child” by Paula Stephens caught my attention on my friend's Facebook page the other day. Unfortunately, I know this type of loss...but from the unique and often forgotten perspective of the step-parent. My tendency is to begin with “My husband, Besh, lost his son in 2012 due to a motorbike accident” but what I’d ... Continue reading

Finding Love When & Where You Least Expect It

July 3, 2014
My "Ode to Besh" poem I wrote for my hubby for our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Turns out you can meet true love in a bar :) There once was a boy named Brent. From Montreal to Halifax he went. Got parking at Cheers. Bought themselves some beers. And in Keli-Ann walked with intent. "I want someone to dance with", she thought When from across the bar, ... Continue reading

My Gardening Angel – A Fertilizing Friendship

April 22, 2011
When we moved to the fertile farm region of Georgian Bay, Ontario, I decided to see if I had a green thumb. I solicited the help of my retired neighbour, Dick, who seemed to be able to grow anything well. We built 3 raised beds and added the right mixture of soil and manure. He gave me solid start-up and maintenance advice and lent me ... Continue reading