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Newfoundland Road Trip – Fogo Island

August 30, 2017
Fogo Island Since Besh was heading up to the edge of the earth for a shaman workshop on Change Islands, here in Newfoundland, I decided to tag along for fun and we added Twillingate and Fogo Island to our trip. The first three nights we van camped. We had the best weather which was great considering how long we drove looking for a quiet, secluded ... Continue reading

Newfoundland Road Trip – Twillingate

August 30, 2017
Twillingate Besh and I just did a 1 week stay-cation on 3 islands in the northern part of Newfoundland. We van camped on Twillingate Island first for the first night, then Fogo Island for 2 nights and then we rented a very old house in Change Islands for 3 nights. What a time we had! From Holyrood, we drove straight up to Twillingate (5 hrs) ... Continue reading

Newfoundland Road Trip – Change Islands

August 30, 2017
Change Islands Besh and I love road trips, especially ones in our own province of good ol’ gorgeous Newfoundland. Besh signed up to do a shaman workshop up on Change Islands so I decided to come along for the ride and relaxation and make a stay-cation out of it. We van-camped on Twillingate Island first for the first night, then Fogo Island for another night ... Continue reading

Newfoundland Time Capsule – Change Islands House

August 16, 2017
Step back in time... The decor is original and vintage. A time capsule, really. It is a Change Islands' house with many of the original features with some updates over the decades and some work being done as we speak. For such an old house, I am surprised there are absolutely no bugs or even spiderwebs anywhere inside. This made me very happy. Sometimes old ... Continue reading

Hidden Treasures Found in Carbonear, Newfoundland

August 2, 2017

On our roadtrip to Carbonear, Newfoundland, last week, Besh and I discovered way more than we had imagined…we found a day full of hidden treasures! Just driving through the town was a sight to see. Very pretty. Picturesque bay. On the main road we stopped in to see all the cool things in the building with Ocean View Art Gallery (my artist friends Tammy & Michelle) which …

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