DIY & Decor

Winnipeg’s Flat Nadine From BC to Newfoundland

December 1, 2016
Flat Nadine Hits Newfoundland! Nadine was created by the Grade 2 students in Mme Waite’s class at the Sun Valley School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She showed up in my mailbox recently from my friend Valerie in Abbotsford, British Columbia. That's quite the long trip she had - practically as far apart as you can get in Canada! Flat Nadine spent a week with me on ... Continue reading

The Best Solution for Hanging Pictures – No More Wall Scuffing

July 13, 2015
When I had my Interior Design business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we would often re-hang clients’ artwork. The worst part was taking down a piece revealing a scuffed wall from the hanger swinging back and forth. So I came up with the simplest best solution for hanging pictures and artwork, forever eliminating unnecessarily scratched wall paint. Just put up a piece of painter’s tape and ... Continue reading

DIY Artwork Framing Makeover

April 30, 2015
Now that I have clued up the big lift of redecorating the interior of our c. 2001 house in Holyrood, I am down to the fun details of artwork. Updating the framing on our Aunt Helen original “Ode to Newfoundland” cross-stitch lovingly done for us for our wedding in 2004 rose to the top of the list. BEFORE   When we were given this sentimental ... Continue reading

DIY: Cheap & Cheerful Chandelier Makeover

February 24, 2014
This DIY makeover cost me $0.13 in paint and 2 hours of time. We moved into our house in Holyrood, Newfoundland 4 years ago and with the exception of my art studio and the kitchen, we kept the colours & fixtures that came with the house. As an Artist & Interior Dec/Designer, now is the time for a décor change...with a high return on investment. ... Continue reading