Art Farts – Canva Relief

November 28, 2016
Art Farts - they're fast and fun :) Ever since falling in love with Facebook, I have wanted to be able to make thumbnails of my own work, whether paintings or photography, and overlay my own words on top of it...with minimal amount of time investment such as Photoshop and I wanted it on my phone for convenience. Not much to ask, right? Then one ... Continue reading

Newfoundland to Me – More Homesick?

August 13, 2015
“Newfoundland to Me ” was one of the few paintings I did of Newfoundland while I lived away. I was afraid recreating home would make me (more) homesick and I always said “If I’m going to live away, I can’t spend my whole time missing Newfoundland. I might as well live home.” Right? My painting reference - Besh's photo of the Anglican Cathedral, downtown St. ... Continue reading

Art Inspiring Art

July 30, 2015
I never thought I'd see one of my paintings in fabric! Check out this beautiful quilt inspired by my painting The Space Between that is being displayed in the Grand National Quilt Show. No surprise there, it's beautiful! CAROL ROSS WILLIAMSON emailed me: "My quilt, based on your beautiful art, made it into Grand National Quilt Show! 50 quilts were selected from across the country and ... Continue reading

The Making of My Painting “Last Row” – The Process and Realizations

May 20, 2015
I have always been fascinated with the process of making something even more than the finished product. This has translated into my artwork and as much as I love seeing my painting hanging nice and neat on a wall, recording and sharing the process behind it is almost more satisfying for me. That being said, here is one of my favourite paintings “Last Row” from ... Continue reading