How to Hang Multiple Artwork Pieces Together – Salon Style

October 1, 2019

The other day I worked out a quote for a multiple custom canvas print arrangement for a client…she needed visuals for how different pieces could hang together, salon style. I did up a quick drawing for her with near-to-scale measurements so she could see how it could look in her living room.

FB response fromĀ Jean: “Love it! I never know how to place them. I have a lot of smaller paintings and want to get them put up.”

My advice: Measure out, on your floor, the wall space you want to fill. Then place the actual pieces within that space and move them around until it looks right. If you want to get real fancy, cut those pieces out of brown paper and after arranging them in the space on the floor, put the brown paper on the wall first and then hang the pieces over them. Hope that makes sense!

And when you are ready to hang, here is an article I wrote on The Best Solution for Hanging Pictures – No More Wall Scuffing that may help save your walls.

Do you have any advice, tips or questions on how to hang multiple pieces of artwork? Comment below!

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