Knock Knock, You Rock! Port Rexton, Newfoundland

August 29, 2018

Sometimes the weight of our weird world can get to me and that’s when I come up with a plan to counterbalance it. That’s the reason I invented “Knock Knock, You Rock!” (KKYR). I asked people on my Facebook page to nominate someone doing good things in the community and from the nominations, my original intention was to randomly pick 10 peeps to give a canvas print of my painting “Pane in the Glass” to as thanks for doing what they do, but in the end I decided to give everyone a print…all 30 of them 🙂

I chose Port Rexton this time because I have done a couple of paintings of the gorgeous oceanside town AND they have a new brewery! Win-win, right?

Historic Collingwood, Ontario (where we lived for 7 years before moving back to Newfoundland), was my first go at KKYR in October 2017.  Who knew how fun this would be and how good it would feel?! KKYR Holyrood and KKYR St. John’s are on my hitlist next…stay tuned!

And here are the 10 wonderful people who were nominated for being awesome!


1. TINA OH ME NERVES RANDELL: Nominated by Preston MaryLou Groves. “I nominate my cousin, Tina Oh me nerves Randell. For 20 years, she has been leaving audiences in stitches and spreading love and laughter everywhere she goes. With all the unpleasant news on tv and social media these days, we all need a good laugh now and then. For certain, Tina’s witty comedic stories will help everyone forget about stress for awhile. Her stand-up comedy shows are just fantastic. This gorgeous colourful picture you painted, Keli-Ann of a blue door, made me think of a quote I once heard. “A smile will open more doors than a frown will”. Tina would be a perfect recipient of this beautiful work.”

2. MAUREEN HOWARD: Nominated by Cyndy Stead. “I nominate Maureen Howard / her volunteer efforts for Music and Friends has been raising $$$$ for regional charities for years.

  • ALSO Nominated by Linda Ivany. “I agree with Cyndy Stead, so much good work by this beautiful lady!!!”
  • Nominated by Lilias Fry Hookey. “I Nominate Maureen Howard of Port Rexton , a lady that spends many many hours with music and friends raising funds for numerous charities , all the work that goes into this that people doesn’t even see are countless, for a Lady of her age group she is one awesome Lady to do what she does.”
  • Nominated by Daphne Brooking. “I have chosen my Awesome friend Maureen Howard ! She is one fascinating talented Lady. Always helping !”
  1. SONJA: Nominated by Sylvia King. “For promoting Tourism in her beautiful area! And serving great beers.”
    PS: Sonja and Alicia (in the picture next to me) are the innovative couple who started this booming brewery in wee Port Rexton, Newfoundland! Their Amber brew is my fav 🙂

  2. JOHN VIVIAN: Nominated by Krista Trask. “Takes amazing care of the Skerwink Trail that he helped create “
    PS: Put this trail on your bucketlist…it is GORGEOUS!
  • ALSO Nominated by Leroy Metcalfe. “John Vivian did a lot to plan, create and maintain the Skerwink Trail.”
  • ALSO Nominated by Bonnie Goodyear. “I’ll second that Krista.”
  1. BARBARA AYLES: Nominated by Christina Baker Gillingham. “I nominate Barbara Ayles she is so deserving. An animal lover, rescuer and spent years working in promoting Port Rexton through her work at Fishers Loft! She’s only a mite of a person, but her heart is MIGHTY BIG!!”
6. LILY PORTER: Nominated by Allison Brown. “Lily Porter, if you knocked on her door she’d welcome you in with open arms!!”

ALSO Nominated by Kimberley Macintyre-Nurse. “I nominate Lily Porter, she’s been involved in her community for years helping others behind the scenes, in her quiet humble way. It would be a wonderful recognition for this pillar of the community.”

7. PORT REXTON RECREATION COMMISSION: Nominated by Alicia MacDonald. “I would nominate the whole Port Rexton Recreation Commission. It’s a group of 8-10 (or more) individuals that volunteer their time and work very hard to plan and organize festivals and events in our area. In particular, youth programs to encourage healthy living and activity to the youngsters.”
PS: They thought they would get one print, but I gave each member a print 🙂 

8. LINDA IVANY: Nominated by Christa Steeves. “Linda Ivany for bringing yoga to the area, starting NL’s first yoga festival, and for her support and dedication to the Discovery Trail.”

9. JEFF SEARS: Nominated by Bernice Soper. “JEFF SEARS!! NEW BUSINESS OPEN this year HAS A SUMMER HOME THERE, all the best!!”
PS: Jeff and Jane (in the pic with me) were our neighbours when we lived in the West End of St. John’s so it was a mini-reunion 🙂

10. JOHN & PEGGY FISHER: Nominated by Dana Warren. “John and Peggy Fisher of The Fishers’ Loft for their tireless work in creating community and building the economy and infrastructure to keep people in place.”

Remember – you don’t need artwork to thank those people in your own community for the big and small kind things they do…a hi5 does the job ?

 Artist Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara – Experience Newfoundland & life through my artist eyes. Born and raised here on this big rock in the Atlantic Ocean. After my Fine Arts degree and Interior Decorating, lived away for ages. In 2009 moved back with new appreciation for this place. Come hang out and explore with me. Sign up for your Piece of Pye newsletter & art prizes!


  1. Hi Keli… loves this article and what you’re doing here! Plus it gave me a new place to visit next time I’m home.. haven’t been to wee Port Rexton!
    Have a question for you… does the nominee have to live in Nf? Being I don’t live on the Island anymore.. tho I’m still very closely connected.. (I live in a small town in NB) I know of several people right here that would be wonderful recipients of your prize.
    And do these names get entered right here in this section?
    Keep on painting lady, so we can keep on enjoying!

  2. My nomination for your Knock Knock award is Mrs Viola Moore’s of Grand Falls Windsor. This grand 86 yr old lady is my mother I law and a volunteer with her hand in just about every door in town. About 8 or so years ago she received a very special award.. the town’s most honoured volunteer. She spins circles around those of us who love her, of which there are many, as you can well imagine. Her 15 children(3 of whom she’s lost) all work with her on things like Relay for Life, fundraising efforts for every group going, whether it be making and selling salad plates or sitting in booths dressed in fun costumes… the list goes on. You can probably guess that I could go on and on.. and on. But suffice it to say.. Viola Moore’s is one of the women that keep her towns needs met in so many way. She deserves any commendation going.. she would love yours!
    And I love what you’re doing here… it’s fun as well as important. ( easy to see you have a knack for the fun!)

    1. Hi Joanie – Viola sounds wonderful…communities are so lucky to have people like this doing what they do. I’m sure she inspires many. This KKYR is actually all done – this article is a summary of what happened in July 2018 🙂

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