Newfoundland Roadtrip – Indian Falls Chalets, Springdale

July 10, 2018

Two weeks ago, Besh and I hit the roads of Newfoundland to check out some new locations. Even though I am from here, there are so many amazing places to see, and even 47 years hasn’t gotten me around to everywhere…and I’ve been to a LOT of places on this big beautiful island! Roadtrips are the best way to see all the (paintable) communities while getting a better sense of them. Hardest part is deciding which scenes to paint when I get back to my studio!

And our second motivation for this trip was our 14 year wedding anniversary! Woohoo…two 7 year itches under our belt 😉

Because this roadtrip was a little more special, we decided to spend a couple of days at the newly created Indian Falls Chalets, in Springdale, Newfoundland. A friend of ours recommended we stay there, especially to meet the owners and creators, Michelle and Shawn Rowsell. Our friend obviously knew how well we were all going to get along.

So let me walk you through our 2 night stay at the gorgeous Indian Falls Chalets…


Firstly, I want to introduce this wonderful couple, Michelle and Shawn Rowsell…our new BFFs (hope they don’t panic when they read this! haha!). Fun, nice, level-headed people with a good sense of humour as well as a deep knowledge of the area (and lots of other stuff) since they were both born and raised right here in Springdale. Want to get to know a place? Get to know a local…or two!


Here you can see Michelle and Shawn’s house as well as one of the chalets to the right. There’s the firepit nestled in the middle awaiting sunset (and wine)…


We stayed in one of the 3 brand spankin’ new chalets with comfy beds and modern comfortable decor. For privacy and view, either of the two chalets overlooking the Indian River are lovely. The third chalet is wheelchair friendly – the kitchen, entrances and showers are built to accommodate. A thoughtful design decision on their part. You can see the Facebook live video we did on our tour of this chalet.


All the chalets are named to relax the soul.


The spacious modern interiors are tasteful, simple, casual and comfortable…thanks to the fab SAM Design of St. John’s (and of course, Michelle and Shawn, who shall now be named M&S). Room to breathe. Not much fluff, which suits us. And local artwork!


They have partnered with Glovertown-based artisan soap makers at The Outport Soap Company to create a line of custom-blended all-natural skin care, hair care and home care products. That’s a nice touch and we appreciate local supporting local and love great natural products.

You can read the list of all the convenient amenities in their chalets so you know what to bring and what to expect. Bring your own plastic wineglass or travel mug for the fire and to have down by the falls. You’ll thank me for that one 😉


The anniversarians (no, not a real word) in our chalet.


Our first morning, we made breakfast parfaits and ate on the deck overlooking the Indian River just up from the Falls.


And of course, we had coffee with the parfaits. Cheers!


Later that morning, we hiked along the river and through the lush woods with M&S. It is so beautiful and the foliage in Central Newfoundland is more ‘tropical’ than it is on the East coast, where we live. Through our convo, we learned lots about fishing, hunting, hiking, and the community.


And this is where our hike concluded. Right next to the gushing Indian Falls with a picnic and cold drinks. Heaven. We chatted and ate while we took in the view and watched about 20 people scattered along this neck of the river happily fishing.


There was some real excitement when a young guy hooked what seemed to be a big one. Everyone stood up to see how he made out. We were all rooting for him. Too bad he lost it. Next time, kid!


After our hike, Besh did what he loves to do and went for a plunge. Since he gets in our pond in the dead of winter (yup, chainsaws a hole in the ice), he said the Indian River was as warm as a bath.


Fresh smoked salmon out of Shawn’s smoker greeted us on our way back to the chalet. This guy is industrious and loves the great outdoors.


And he makes a mean smoked salmon. Still moist and nicely glazed. We enjoyed a big piece of this on the next leg of our trip!


Besh and I went back at our place and made some appies. I used the egg cups from our chalet for hummus…for fun 😉 Then we had a nap!


To top this awesome day off, we joined M&S by the fire, had a few drinks and laughs, told stories and got to know each other more. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. The rest of the world was far away…


On our actual anniversary, we hung out on our deck and drank coffee all morning and just chilled out. No where to be, nothing to do. Perfect!


By the end of this short stay, we had really connected with these two innovators. Hard not to, they are a great couple. We will be back. Contact M&S to arrange your casual luxury getaway – with your spin on it!

Cue the Littlest Hobo song as we got on the road again, this time to Burlington (Newfoundland, not Ontario) to glamp at Shaun Majumder’s ‘Ome Sweet ‘Ome. Our first time glamping. Now we can say we did it! Another great time. Another blog article to follow 🙂


An hour drive away, in our glamping tent, we indulged in Shawn’s smoked salmon. Add cream cheese, crackers, a salad…and a cold beer and we were all set!

If you have suggestions for cool spots to visit in Newfoundland, comment below!


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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like a great trip KA and wonderful that you get to meet new people !! Loved seeing the guys on the river in the heat of summer. We are heading out Aug. 5th. with no solid plans for our 57th.Anniversary (we sure have you beat by a “few” years ). Looking forward to lots of long walks and someone else cooking for a few days!!

  2. Lumsden Beach
    What a time Beach House is a great place to stay, with a little trail right behind it that leads to on e of the beaches.
    If you swim, read all posted signs, there are areas of dangerous undertow.

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