Culham House

March 8, 2018

In my art career, I have been commissioned to do quite a few paintings of historic houses and buildings. This one, called “Culham House”, is a very special structure with an interesting recent history on top of its historic value.

This Georgian style heritage home was originally built in downtown Collingwood, Ontario, c.1870 but get this…it was saved from demolition and painstakingly moved/rebuilt in 2007 on a stunning lot with panoramic views of gorgeous Georgian Bay.

In 2006, before it was moved, I was commissioned by Russell Allan (the developer and a very interesting nice guy) to create this painting to show how the house would look once it was moved. I added some of the original details from architectural drawings that were to be restored such as the widows walk along the top and a new foyer so he could use it to show his vision and have it approved…and apparently, it worked!

Realtor Marg Scheben-Edey describes Russell perfectly: “Locals may know Russell as the land developer who dismantled the old Culham House on Collingwood’s main street brick by brick to save it from another developer’s wrecking ball. He rebuilt and restored this piece of heritage on the site of his own new development called, The Ridge Estates, in the Town of the Blue Mountains. Russell believes in creating communities rather than developments. He seems to care about the environment as well as heritage. He understands responsible growth. His track record speaks for itself.”

Anything to help save a piece of history with a team of people who give a sh!t is right up my alley…I was thrilled to be part of it from beginning to end.

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