Knock Knock, You Rock! Collingwood, Ontario

November 28, 2017

World events these days can make things seem quite heavy so I decided to do something to give my spirits a lift…I started Knock Knock, You Rock! And Collingwood, Ontario (where we lived for 7 years before moving back to Newfoundland), was my first go at it. I asked people on my Facebook page to nominate someone doing good things in the community and from the nominations, I picked 10 peeps to give a canvas print of my painting “House on Highway 26” to as thanks for doing what they do. Who knew how fun this would be and how good it would feel?! Newfoundland is next!

THE CONTEST: NOMINATE SOMEONE AWESOME IN COLLINGWOOD, ONTARIO, AND I WILL HAND DELIVER A PRINT OF MY PAINTING RIGHT TO THEIR DOOR! In a world with some crazy stuff on the go, I thought this would be a good time to say thanks to those peeps making a positive effort, big or small, in their community. Whether they are saving the world or cuddling kittens, now is the time to nominate someone you think deserves a big hi5! From the nominations in the comments below (tell me why they rock), I will pick 10 people and hand deliver a print of my painting “House on Highway 26” right to each of their doors! Contest ends this Monday, 30 Oct, 5pm EST.

So on 01 November 2017, Besh and I headed out to deliver the prints…what a fun day!

And here are the 10 wonderful people who were nominated for being awesome!

  1. RUTH: Nominated by Leanne Elliot. “I would like to nominate Ruth Hasselfelt Bourachot. She quietly supports many causes through donations of “Chef Patrick’s” food. She opens up her kitchen for the clippers fundraisers as is a devote “Clippers” mom. She is also a wonderful employer and friend.”

2. SONYA: Nominated by John Clement (and seconded by Lisa Guthrie, who was also nominated). “Sonya Reichel who runs the GTHS (Humane Society). She does amazing work for the animals in need and works tirelessly at fundraising, awareness and adoption events!”

3. DARRELLE: Nominated by Tara Orme-Latreille. “I nominate Darrelle – in the short time that she has been a permanent resident of Collingwood she has come on board at The Farm to Table – Market & Kitchen; CC Food Co-op and done some amazing things like Collingwood Street Feast and make local food accessible to locals in a sea of stores that carry apples from the US, when we live in Apple country, these are the things that help bring a community together and stay together.”

4. JOHN & MARG: Nominated by Shelby Worts. “Marg & John Scheben-Edey, for seeing a need and kick-starting the Christmas Day Feast in Collingwood… now in its 4th year. 🙂  AND they just enjoyed a trip to St. John’s, so this print will really mean something to them too!”

ALSO Nominated by Julie Card. “I would also like to nominate Marg and John Scheben-Edey for all of their tremendous work with the Christmas Day Feast in Collingwood.”

Nominated by Chris Carrier. “Marg has made a significant contribution to the betterment of Collingwood with her involvement in Vision 20/20, Word Stock, a local advocate for heritage and the arts.”

Nominated by Christine Bowcamp. “I too would nominate Marg Scheben-Edey for all you said Chris plus I’m pretty sure A Christmas Day Feast wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Margs vision. Truly a deserving person Margie!”

Nominated by Kathryn Bloomfield. “I support Marg Scheben-Edey she has been an ongoing support to many organizations in Collingwood. Breaking Down Barriers, Tracks, visioning for the future and now the Christmas dinner. She cared for aging parents in her home. She is like the energizer bunny that the battery doesn’t seem to run out.”

5. HELEN: Nominated by Barbara Lynn Andrews (in photo as Helen was out of town). “I nominate Helen Wells and her husband…despite losing their only daughter to violence while on a mission in Africa a few years ago, Helen came back to Trinity United church and continues to be a beacon of love for the children of our church…and her husband had been instrumental in building homes for the homeless in habitat for humanity. An amazing couple still pouring out their Hearts 💑 to the community of Collingwood…while their hearts were broken💘”

6. VIRGINIA: Nominated by Frances Murphy. “I nominate Virginia Zarifi because she is my sister-in-law and takes care of everyone. She cares for her kids, scouts, school, neighbours, and when my brother was sick, him too. Also her birthday is close to Christmas, so I think she misses out.”

7. DAN & JULIE: Nominated by Lenore Burton. “I nominate Julie Card due to her involvement in promoting events in Collingwood.”

8. JANE SCHNURR: Nominated by Darlene Christianson. “She is not only a friend by a huge loving influence in Collingwood- giving – giving giving always- she is a positive hometown gal – inspiring- fabulous woman!”
9. FRANK VILACA: Nominated by Andrew Younghusband. “Frank Vilaça – He’s outrun an elephant, ducked bullets, and put up with me for over a decade!”

10. STEPH DELLE DONNE: Nominated by Brenda Delle Donne. “I nominate Steph Delle Donne Lifeguard, instructor, aqua fit instructor at Centennial Pool. She has taught many kids in the community to swim. She has trained many teens. Some of who are now certified and lifeguards in the community. The ladies at aqua fit lover her. She will be missed in the community when she leaves for law school. Hopefully she will return to the community she has made home…”

Remember – you don’t need artwork to thank those people in your own community for the big and small kind things they do…a hi5 does the job 😉

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