Newfoundland Time Capsule – Change Islands House

August 16, 2017

Step back in time…

The decor is original and vintage. A time capsule, really. It is a Change Islands’ house with many of the original features with some updates over the decades and some work being done as we speak. For such an old house, I am surprised there are absolutely no bugs or even spiderwebs anywhere inside. This made me very happy. Sometimes old can be creepy, but this place was quite rustic and very clean.

It was nice to finally sit still after 3 days of driving and camping in Twillingate and Fogo. Here we got to bring our bags inside and relax for a while. Then I had time to take out my camera and explore the gorgeous textures and details in this piece of history we had rented.

The quilts are so beautiful. I’m sure the locals would know who made each quilt. Maybe the maker was known for her particular pattern and fabrics. To me, quilts are so Newfoundland. When you slide into a bed with a couple of quilts that nearly squeeze the oxygen out of your lungs because they are so heavy, you know you’re going to have a good sleep.

I would say originally, there was no bathroom in this house. There would’ve been an outhouse, but thankfully there is a new bathroom upstairs which includes a perfectly good shower. This was a nice treat after three days camping! The running water is undrinkable in this particular house, but there were lots of refillable containers available to use. That was fine with me.

One night we twacked around town and met a guy who was driving around for something to do and stopped to have a chat with us on the road. He said he was soon going to be an internet hit because (ready for this?) from his apartment door the face of Jesus was coming out of the wood! Haha! I had to ask him if he was serious and he said he was so I had to believe him 🙂 Now he’s a character!

It was nice having 2 days to myself in this quiet place on the edge of nowhere while Besh was at a shaman workshop across the street. Gave me some time to chill out, make some food out of the leftovers we had in our kit, and get lost in taking pictures…

To see my pics from Change Islands, click here. For Twillingate, click here. And for Fogo, click here.



An unusual style roof for this saltbox…curved!






Kicking ass in my temporary kitchen!




The very last of our iceberg ice given to us by a man named Wilson in Deep Bite on Fogo Island










A happy camper…I mean house-renter 🙂

FYI – there is one or two small store on Change Islands (which we were very thankful for) and no liquor store. Beer only! Stock up before you arrive. And p
ick up ice wherever you can on any of the islands…same with firewood. Check online for fire alerts before you light a fire. Everyone is so friendly and helpful so just ask if you need anything. 

It’s also amazing to see what these once thriving fishing towns have done since to justify their existence way up here. Keep in mind, not so long ago, all these communities depended on fish and seafood but things have changed in the last few years and what do towns like this do after the fish are gone?

It’s good to see all the rentable properties in all the towns from hotels, to motels, to cabins, to Airbnb’s (like this one). If you want to unwind and have a change of scenery and a different pace, rent a house in one of these towns for a week and watch yourself fall in love with this place and what you find within it and within yourself. Contact Elizabeth @ if you would like to rent this place.

And yes, there are properties for sale all over the place in Newfoundland so when you fall in love and want to buy a place here, just Google and you can get yourself a fully furnished house on the Atlantic Ocean for a steal of a deal 🙂 Enjoy!

Artist Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara – Experience Newfoundland & life through my artist eyes. Born and raised here on this big rock in the Atlantic Ocean. After my Fine Arts degree and Interior Decorating, lived away for ages. In 2009 moved back with new appreciation for this place. Come hang out and explore with me. Sign up for your Piece of Pye newsletter & art prizes!


  1. I am an oil painter from Alberta and went to this little island about 11 years ago to paint. I fell hook, line and sinker for it and purchased a house where I spend months in the summer and a month in the winter painting in my studio and en plein air. The scenery is spectacular and the people are incredible. Nice to read your article. In the summer I was told about you by some of the summer folks on the island. If you come back, stop by and visit. Ask around – you’ll find me – I’m beside the bridge going over the tickle.
    Would love to meet you.

  2. I just loved your fotos…..especially the ones taken from windows……would sure make great paintings. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. What a fabulously quaint old salt box house! Looks like a vacationers dream … great shots! Looked relaxing and fun and art inspiring ! Thanks for sharing ! Love the colored clothes and love the vintage folding metal tin tv table . Or was it just a tray ?

  4. P.S. to my post which I don’t see posted. We had iceberg ice last year that we collected from our 10 foot pleasure kayaks in frintnof our house here in Cupid’s – out with the big ice berg bits!

  5. Thanks for the tour…
    I was in a Salt box home last June.. in Twilligate..then Fogo…met some wonderful kindred spirits..and was so pleased with the walkabouts..on Fogo…wanted to return this summer…

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