Newfoundland Road Trip – Twillingate

August 30, 2017


Besh and I just did a 1 week stay-cation on 3 islands in the northern part of Newfoundland. We van camped on Twillingate Island first for the first night, then Fogo Island for 2 nights and then we rented a very old house in Change Islands for 3 nights. What a time we had!

From Holyrood, we drove straight up to Twillingate (5 hrs) and even up to Crow’s Head just a bit more north. Visited the Crow’s Nest Cafe there who have been selling my artwork for about 6 years now. Which means the trip is an art biz tax write off… and I will probably do a painting or two from here eventually 🙂

To see my pics from Fogo, click here. For Change Islands pics, click here. And for cool old Newfoundland vintage house shots from our place in Change Islands, click here.






My artwork looks all nice and cozy here at the Crow’s Nest 🙂



The wild roses everywhere smell like pink lemonade!



Our van camping spot for the night. Was VERY hard to find a good secluded spot in or around Twillingate.


The long search for this camping spot was well worth it in the end!


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  1. Love these photos and your art…am also an artist, and want to travel to these places next year. Please email me as I would love some info re camping, etc as you did. Thanks! Celeste

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