Newfoundland Road Trip – Change Islands

August 30, 2017

Change Islands

Besh and I love road trips, especially ones in our own province of good ol’ gorgeous Newfoundland. Besh signed up to do a shaman workshop up on Change Islands so I decided to come along for the ride and relaxation and make a stay-cation out of it. We van-camped on Twillingate Island first for the first night, then Fogo Island for another night and then we rented a very old house on Change Islands for 3 nights. What a time we had! Pictures say it all so I’ll keep the chat brief 😊

To see my pics from Fogo, click here. For Twillingate pics, click here. And for cool old Newfoundland vintage house shots from our place we rented in Change Islands, click here.

The ferry from Fogo to Change Islands – 20 minutes, I think 🙂



I was impressed with how many working fishing outports there are


We found root cellars tucked in the hills here and there


It is definitely fireweed season (August) – everything is purple!


Playing around with perspective





Doing a walk-about


Good to see some of these old beauties being restored by dedicated owners


The house we rented…to see the treasures inside and outside of this beauty, click here. And email Liz @ to rent it 🙂






The sunsets were crazy gorgeous!



Everyone we met here in Change Islands is a very special crowd. Such a fun eclectic group of people from all parts of the world tucked away here on the edge of the earth. Some live here year-round and some have houses either in St. John’s or away.

Some put off cool events and host a wide range of visitors from all over the world such as well-known artists who come here for inspiration and to relax. We rented an Airbnb which landed us in an 1800s saltbox right on the ocean in a picturesque bay. Click here to see pics inside and outside the house.

We now know that there is one or two small stores on Change Islands (which we were very thankful for) and no liquor store. Beer only…which was fine with me 🙂

Pick up ice wherever you can on any of the islands and don’t assume you can get it in the next town. Same with firewood. Check online for fire alerts before you light a fire.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It’s kind of fun when my fellow Newfoundlanders talk to me as if I am from away and just visiting the island. I guess my accent is weak and/or I was on the mainland for too long 😉 Sometimes I don’t tell them I am from here because I enjoy the information they are sharing. There is a ton to learn about each little village in each little bay…rich in history. 

It’s also amazing to see what these once thriving fishing towns have created to justify their existence up here. You can see new industries and new ways of attracting new people and helping the long timers find a new way of making a living and keeping their community strong and thriving. Keep in mind, not so long ago, all these communities depended on fish and seafood but things have changed in the last few years and what do towns like this do after the fish are gone?

It’s good to see all the rentable properties in all the towns from hotels, to motels, to cabins, to Airbnb’s. If you want to unwind and have a change of scenery and a different pace, rent a house in one of these towns for a week (or more, if you can) and watch yourself fall in love with this place and what you find within it and yourself. To rent the house we stayed in, email Elizabeth at 

And yes, there are properties for sale all over the place in Newfoundland so when you fall in love and want to buy a place here, just Google and you can get yourself a fully furnished house on the Atlantic Ocean for a steal of a deal 🙂

Artist Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara – Experience Newfoundland & life through my artist eyes. Born and raised here on this big rock in the Atlantic Ocean. After my Fine Arts degree and Interior Decorating, lived away for ages. In 2009 moved back with new appreciation for this place. Come hang out and explore with me. Sign up for your Piece of Pye newsletter & art prizes!

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  1. I am a Pye from Petries (Corner Brook) …Dad from Labrador…Mom from Hampden….although have been in Ontario most of my life…
    Myself and my husband have travelled extensively in NL and although almost 70 we plan on doing much more NL travel so looking forward to more stories!!!

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