Hidden Treasures Found in Carbonear, Newfoundland

August 2, 2017

On our roadtrip to Carbonear, Newfoundland, last week, Besh and I discovered way more than we had imagined…we found a day full of hidden treasures! Just driving through the town was a sight to see. Very pretty. Picturesque bay.

Ocean View Art Gallery

On the main road we stopped in to see all the cool things in the building with Ocean View Art Gallery (my artist friends Tammy & Michelle) which includes the gallery itself, Dozen Odd Gift Store, the Studio Coffee Shop, and the consignment clothing store downstairs. Great browsing, sipping and shopping all in one 🙂

Then we went to the Freshwater Church for more displays of art, quilts and history and finished in the Stone Jug Pub which is DEADLY!! I’ve been to many pubs all over the place but this may be my very favourite – ambience, attention to detail, decor, history, delicious, light, finishes, beer…

Did I mention this place has 78 DIFFERENT chandeliers?! Need I say more? We wandered each of the 3 floors looking at each one, then had a DELICIOUS lunch and beer…belly up to the gorgeous bar and chatted away with Jen, the manager of the place. Go up for the day and twack around. Shop, wander, eat, drink and be merry!


The beautiful Studio Coffee


So pretty!


“The Basement” Consignment Shop


Just one of the many peaceful vistas…



Art inside history


The view from above



The beautifully renovated Stone Jug Pub



Belly up to the bar


2 of the 78 chandeliers!


The Newfoundland Distillery Co. – Made in Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland!


Stone jugs you can buy


The woodwork in here is amazing!


Look at the architecture on the top floor!!


What a showcase for the variety of chandeliers up here!


And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…I went to the washroom and saw all this!


I love stuff like this 🙂


The view from the 3rd floor washroom


Wandered through the lush streets


And saw scenes like this the whole way home…heavenly!


It’s almost more beautiful in the fog…


Spend the day around the bay!

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    1. I’m glad you saw this article! I had it on my list to let you know I had written it. Meal sounds good…with a tall cold beer 🙂

  1. Enjoyed your description if the highlights of Carbonear ….going to put a few if those places on my to do list…very soon.

  2. Lovely, the Baccalieu trail has a lot to offer for sure! Try the Trinity Bay part some time – where I live in New Perlican is one of the most photographed towns for it’s 20 colorful Stages on the sheltered harbour, enjoy Scalliwaggs for lunch or check out the Stained Glass at SeaGlass B & B, D’Iberville trail, the Wooden Boat Museum NL, Winterton, Cable Station museum and Heritage section of Heart’s Content – Grate’s Cove Studio, Grate’s Cove – just to name a few! Love the Baccalieu Trail!

  3. We don’t always appreciate just how beautiful our Province truly is. Appreciate all the photos. Look forward to many more beautiful photos through your Artists eyes. Thanks,

  4. Surprised you hadn’t discovered The stone Jug before now!!! Great place. Wish it was nearer to Holyrood..

    No need to go off island for wonders of scenery and people. We hv it all in Nl.

  5. There’s a story bout those huge trees, if they are in Bay Roberts! The communication company who built company houses, planted the trees too. Talk about being progressive!!!

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