What Can I Cook with Broccoli Stalks?

May 13, 2017

When cooking, I always like to use the whole vegetable, when possible. One day I was looking for new ideas for how to use broccoli stalks so I asked my Facebook peeps if they had any inventive methods to share. And this is what they said…

Ida – Great for dogs. Kind of like carrots.
Lisa – That is where the best nutrition lives! I cut mine up, freeze them and put them in smoothies.
Allison – I peel them and EAT!
Sue – stir fry or eat just raw with some hummus 
Fae – Usually just save them for stock. They add a nice sweetness against a lot of the savory things like herbs/onions etc.
Bill – Cook and blend for cream of broccoli soup!
Kristi – Shred them for a slaw. Marinating will make them a little more tender.
Edwena – Chop and freeze for soups!!!!
Mark – Grate and add to salad or stir fry.
Samantha – Fried in butter with bacon and salt and pepper is amazing!
Geoff – Steamed with butter and salt.
Terry – They are excellent in a stir fry.
Judy – Make a rue with grated cheddar then bake.
Patti – Add all of your end cuts to a bag labelled veggie stock. Put in freezer when bag is full, make veggie stock.. works like a charm!
Jennifer – Carrot and broccoli stem slaw.
Damon – I cut them in thin slices and my kids eat them raw as broccoli chips!
Pat – Basmati Rice cooked, 2T Fresh grated Ginger, broc chop fine, Bit of red pepper chop fine, bit of celery chop fine, Half lemon squeeze, pepper, Braggs Seasoning Liquid, diced leftover meat chicken etc. Good.
Dean – …and add bacon, bacon is always good!
Paula – Bust out the spiralizer!
Wanna know more about my beloved spiralizer? Check out this video I did on spiralizing turnip. I’m going to have to try it with broccoli now!

And what did I do with my broccoli stalks?

This time I was lazy and chopped them up, put them in a baggie and froze them for smoothies later 🙂

But I do want to try these awesome recipes:

I’m also going to have to make some new veggie cubes with broccoli now! Check out this video I did about how to enjoy veggies all year long (even if you live on an island like I do.)

Do you have any other ideas or recipes that use broccoli stalks? If so, comment below…

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