Romantic Rust in Conception Harbour, Newfoundland

April 14, 2017

I am fortunate. My hubby, Besh, has always been the romantic sort and surprises me with gifts pretty often. He will buy me a book if he feels it jives with my latest train of thought or put my slippers by the door for when I get home. And I love that stuff!

So one summer day after sailing around Avondale, Newfoundland with the gang, Besh took my hand and lead me out to a power boat and said he had a surprise for me. We headed out by our lonesome into the warm wind. He had a big grin on his face the whole time, like he was going to bust from excitement.

When we came around the corner in to Conception Harbour (which I didn’t even realize I was in at first), I caught a glimpse of the BACK of the longtime sunken, SS Sposa, that I am in love with and have photographed for years and painted (see below)…from the other side! Well I almost died (a happy death) right there and then! Could not believe I was seeing the other side of it…for the first time! This new viewpoint made it make even more sense to me and I had fallen more in love…with the rusty ship and with Besh. Best romantic surprise EVER!


As Above, So Below
5″ x 21″
Acrylic inks on paper

This is my first painting in 2014 of this rusty ol’ fella in Conception Harbour. I have hiked this route for years and have fallen in love with the sunken ship and had to paint it.

SS Charcot was one of a fleet of five whaling vessels that formed the last of the largest whaling flotillas to hunt the waters off Newfoundland. When the whaling industry died, so did the need for these ships. Read here for more info about Conception Harbour’s sunken ships and Hidden Newfoundland has some interesting facts too. “As it turned out, one of the ships — the Charcot, which partially sticks out of the water — was long thought to be the S.S Sposa. The Sposa was also in the whaling fleet along with the S.S Soika, but those two sank somewhere further out in Conception Harbour as they were being towed to the scrapyard. ”

Prints of this painting available here:

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  1. Hi …. it is Jeanne from Collingwood. I just love your newsletters and charming and adventurous stories of and with Besh. I was just bragging about you the other night to the golf ladies. Lots of friends coming your way this summer. They definitely remember your Collingwood pictures and style and love the one in my living room. I get enjoyment from it every day!

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