Girls’ Night Out – Colouring Party!

February 28, 2017

Need a change from the every day to do something fun and easy to relax and have a laugh? A girls night out colouring party might be just what the doctor ordered! My virtual assistant, Lesley Raymond, is a bit of an introvert like me but we also like to get together with our friends from time to time to chill out, eat some munchies, have a drink and catch up. So the other night, Lesley got her girls together, printed off a bunch of colouring sheets and this is how their night unfolded…

Gorgeous photographs thanks to Tammy of Enlightened Photography 🙂

If you’d told me ten years ago that my idea of a fun night out would be spent colouring with a bunch of ladies… well, I probably would’ve been thrilled! Why did this awesome colouring trend take so long to catch on?!

A bunch of us had decided we need more girl time. A few of the gals are moms who need more time with other adults, some are entrepreneurs who work from home, some are just worn out from the daily grind, so we formed a little Facebook group to plan monthly get-togethers where we force ourselves off our couches and put on brave faces to go out and socialize.

One day, my friend Gina tagged me in a post on Keli-Ann’s Facebook page about her free colouring sheets saying, “We need to do this for girls’ night!” so our first official girls’ night also became the first unofficial #PieceofPye colouring party.

When I mentioned to my very talented photographer friend, Tammy (of Enlightened Photography), that I wanted to take a bunch of pictures for Keli-Ann, she immediately offered to bring her camera. (Honestly, I think she had just as much fun taking these gorgeous shots as she did colouring.)

Before we even got there, I had full roster of people wanting Blowing in the Wind! My fave is The Space Between, though.

Good food was eaten, a yarn or two was spun, and it’s very possible that some of our stresses melted away (like the crayons your kids stuffed in the radiator last week).

So, ladies, if you’re looking for an excuse to get out of the house, I highly suggest volunteering one of your friends’ houses for a colouring night. There’s barely any prep work, just print off a few of Keli-Ann’s free colouring sheets, open a box of crackers and a bottle of wine. You’ll be glad you did 🙂

Download your own free colouring sheets here!

Oh, and remember to post your colouring sheets to Keli-Ann’s Facebook page…happy colouring!  ~ Lesley

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  1. Reminds me of Christmas at my sister’s place. Or my sister’s ski visit here every year. We’ve been colouring together forever. Good times! Love to see people’s concentrated colouring faces. Lovely photos!

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