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November 28, 2016

The day I discovered the app “Canva“, my whole digital art world opened up! To be to be able to express myself in one little thumbnail is way faster than doing a painting, I tell ya. I call my quick mini-creations “Art Farts” – they’re fast and fun and they allow my creative freak to fly 😉

How I ‘do’ Canva: To get started, I generally pick ‘Facebook’ along the top for my format, and I have found a few favourite templates that suit my style so I use some of the same ones over and over again now, which I see is creating a recognizable style for myself. Once I pick my template from the many they have set up for us (this is the hardest part for me – so many beautiful choices), I click ‘Replace’ below the image and start by picking the photo from my camera roll I want to build upon. Once I’ve chosen my photo, I get a feel for what I want to say. I play around with fonts, colours and filters until I get the right mood.

pieceofpye-artfart17You can create your own signature and tuck it into a corner on each of your thumbnails, like signing a painting. I use #pieceofpye for all mine. I use my Canva images for biz and personal. Take the time to explore all the little gadgets in Canva because you can modify everything they have set up for you in the templates and add new text blocks, etc. Truly amazing.

If you are like me and want to post this one Canva image to all your social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, keep in mind that on Twitter, for example, your image will be cropped in the newsfeed window so keep your text to the middle of the thumbnail or it won’t translate at a glance. Text will be cut off around the edges.

And by the way, you can use the images in the templates just like they are…you don’t even have to be creative! Or you can just replace the image and keep their words and vice versa so you can pick the level of creativeness you want to get into and still get deadly looking imagery to share.

Once I hear my happy sigh of apres-creation, I click the top right ‘arrow up’ button on my screen [upload?] and Canva converts my image to a shareable image (you get to “watch the magic happen”). It will then bring you to your sharing options such as text, email, twitter, etc. or along the bottom you will see ‘copy, print, save image…’ That is where I ‘save image’ to my camera roll and can share it any way I like after that. Which also means the image is saved on the icloud and my photos are auto-downloaded regularly to my computer so I can access it again whenever I want. Canva saves all my images to ‘Your Designs’ in the app so you can access them there anytime as well…and edit them and re-save them. They’ve got your artistic arse covered 😉

So now with this app, I have a faster, slicker, satisfying creative outlet for on-the-spot art. I highly recommend it. Go get the app now and let your creative freak fly! Comment below and let me know of any other apps that you use to satisfy that artistic itch…

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