Big Brothers Big Sisters Art Card Fundraiser in St. John’s and Collingwood

November 9, 2016

pieceofpye-bbbs4I recently shipped out about 4000 of my art greeting cards to Big Brothers Big Sisters for fundraisers in Collingwood, Ontario and here in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I have been a big fan of this organization since 2006 when we lived and artisted in the Collingwood area. I had been on many boards and in all kinds of groups and I finally had to decide where I really wanted to spend my time and somehow I hooked onto Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS).

I already knew the importance of having sisters…I have 2 younger sisters and I am definitely who I am today largely due to their influence. So I called  up head office and soon after got matched with Rachel, my now-21-year-old little sister who was around 11 at the time. We are still friends and we hook up when we are back visiting and follow each others adventures on Facebook. We both benefited from this match up.

And in 2007 I won funding through the Robert Kemp Arts Award to run my Art Sister Program that I developed through BBBS. See below…

I love using my artwork and my network to help organizations make money for and bring awareness to their cause. Like BBBS, you need all kinds of resources to run a good system with quality and care, so wherever I can help, I help.



How can I help, you ask? Great question…
You can help by purchasing these beautiful sets of
Collections of Art Greeting Cards
from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Collingwood & St. John’s!


Only $25 for
a set of 10 cards
with envelopes!
(blank inside)

Each collection consists of 10 assorted 5×7” art greeting cards (blank inside/with envelopes) of my paintings of the area. Collingwood has cards of my paintings from my time living there and St. John’s has cards of my paintings from living here in Newfoundland. Only $25 for a set!

Think…stocking stuffers, host gifts, secret santa, thank yous for teachers, employees, contractors, special memories for someone who lives away or someone you want to introduce to your area, the gift for the person who has everything…or just buy them for yourself and use them for special occasions for those you know will enjoy them 🙂

Secret: My greeting cards sell for $5 each in the stores so a set of 10 would normally be $50. This is a steal of a deal!
Every set is different
so buy many 😉
5×7″ Frame-able
Printed in St. John’s
on happy recycled paper
using 100% wind energy

Where can I purchase them? [limited quantities]

 Call Collingwood
Head Office

Big Brothers Big Sisters Office
74 Hume Street

They are looking for vendors
to help sell their sets so if you are one…
give them a call!


Call St. John’s
Head Office

Big Brothers Big Sisters Office
The Village Mall 430 Topsail Road

Waterford Valley High Fall Fair
19 November

Decor Tip:
Frame them!

Frame the cards individually in a 5×7″ window frame or have them custom framed as a set to make a larger piece to fit a particular space. Make it wide and narrow for over a mantle or sofa table – frame them side by side. Make it a rectangle, framing 3 or 4 along the top row and 3 or 4 along the bottom row. Endless options.

Choose your space and then frame accordingly to make it designer delicious 🙂

Radio Interview with 95.1 The Peak FM
About our Fundraiser


My interview spot…thx to Brent Beshara ❤️

Big thanks to 95.1 The Peak FM in our old hood, Collingwood, ON, for the radio interview and write up about our fundraiser! John Eaton – thanks for your support all these years

Read the article and have a listen here 🙂
It’s pretty fun to still be connected to the place we used to live
before Holyrood here in Newfoundland…





In 2007, I received the Robert Kemp Arts Award grant for my Art Sisters program. Me and 3 little sisters, including Rachel, of course, spent the week together visiting art galleries and studios, eating lunch at different restaraunts and chatting about what we experienced. Then, back in my studio, we each created a piece on canvas that connected together for a final large piece that exhibited in The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts. It was a challenging and amazing project all at the same time 🙂


Bonus behind-the-art scenes video:

Before the cards were sent out, I took us for a wander into the bowels of my art biz…
Click here
to take a walking (and talking) tour of my stash of art products.

Comment below when you buy your sets and let me know who you are giving them to and why…always love knowing where my art is going 🙂

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  1. I Love These postcards as well as who the monies is going too……Question if I were to order a set would they ship them to Alberta? Than

    1. Awesome! The best thing to do would be to call them and ask if they would ship. The number to each head office is in the blog post.

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