Art Farts – Canva Relief

November 28, 2016

Art Farts – they’re fast and fun 🙂 Ever since falling in love with Facebook, I have wanted to be able to make thumbnails of my own work, whether paintings or photography, and overlay my own words on top of it…with minimal amount of time investment such as Photoshop and I wanted it on my phone for convenience. Not much to ask, right? Then one day the app “Canva” showed up as an ad on my Facebook page, like a gift from the art gods, and there was the answer to that which I had asked! It opened up a whole new world for me to be able to express myself in one little thumbnail…way faster than doing a painting, I tell ya!

Since I already figured out how to get started in Canva, I put together a simple blog post Canva App – Let Your Creative Freak Fly for how-to-get-up-and-running so you can get at it too!

Check out the ongoing collection of Canva art I have created so far!
I’ll keep adding to this article as I make them…

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