The Gift of Life – Jon’s New Lungs

September 14, 2016

This story is so wonderful! My step son’s lungs helped to save someone’s life too (not Jon’s). Carl’s organs also helped 6 other people’s lives and up to 7 people’s eyes benefited from his donation. I wonder if we will ever get to meet any of the recipients of the organs. Hmmm…

In this video is Jon, our former mechanic and lung recipient. Good to see him up and at ’em 🙂



Click the picture to see the Facebook video report

‘I got a second chance,’ Middle Arm man says of lung transplant
CBC Newfoundland and Labrador, September 8, 2015 Article

You wouldn’t know from talking with Jon Furneaux that he used to have trouble with almost everything: walking, moving, breathing. After catastrophic damage to his lungs, he received a double transplant that has given him a new lease on life. Read the article…

Donate your organs…you don’t need them when you’re gone!
Click here for the donation registry links for the provinces of Canada.




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