My Newfoundland Adventures – Blue Hill Pond Hiking Trail, Conception Bay

April 26, 2016

PIECEOPYE-NEWFOUNDLAND-ADVENTURE-BLUE-POND-HILL-CONCEPTION-BAY (111)Today I had my moved-to-the-west-coast hiking buddy and bestie, Samantha, back in town so we did what we love to do together and hit a trail and caught up. We did Blue Hill Pond Hiking Trail in Conception Harbour. It took us under 1.5 hours and that included sitting in the lee at the top of the Hill soaking in the breath taking vista, snapping lots of pics and collecting slate.

How to get there: 47°25’05.5″N 53°15’00.9“W approximately.
Turn down Silver Springs Road which is the exact opposite side of the road as the entrance to Conception Harbour. Drive slowly all the way in the quiet winding road until you hit Nora Pond Road on the right. It’s a dirt road you follow until you come to the end. Park out of the way of the driveway to the right. From here you will see an inset old rickety bridge which is where the trail starts. As soon as you cross the bridge, go immediately left on the side trail. Go right up to the top of the hill on your left and prepare yourself to be mind blown by the 360 view of the whole area. It is spectacular!

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