Keli-Ann, Will Your Canvas Prints Hold Up in My Steamy Bathroom?

August 21, 2015
I have been asked many times over the years if my canvas prints will hold up in a bathroom but I could never say for sure.
So the only way to find out the answer was to do the test in my own home.

The canvas-bathroom experiment:

I have been conducting my own ongoing 6 month experiment to see how well one of my canvas prints holds up in our steamy bathroom. And the results are in…

I have a 60 x 31” custom canvas print of my lupin painting “Up, Up & Away” and it hangs on an adjacent wall 2 feet from the shower in our main bath where the ventilation is average, so there is a lot of steam each time someone showers. We take about 3 showers per week.

Are there condensation drips?

There are condensation drips on the walls in our bathroom so that will indicate how much moisture collects in the room, but there are no visible drips on the canvas itself. Yay! Before this, I would have bet money that there would have been a fair amount of condensation drips on the face of the canvas, like the wall, and I also thought that because of my drippy painting style, it would camouflage them. But such is not the case and I’m glad I was wrong 🙂

My guess is that this is due to the special coating on all my canvas prints. It offers some UV protection and clean-ability. With a cloth, dust is easily wiped off the face and edges of the print and it can be lightly cleaned with a damp cloth, if necessary. Turns out my prints are pretty tough even though they look delicate.

Did the wood stretcher warp?

Back of the bathroom canvas print

Back of the bathroom canvas print

Again, I guessed wrong…
because I had thought the wood canvas structure underneath would have warped at least a bit but it is perfect.

Looks like the day I put it up.

All my canvas prints have thick 1.5″ deep stretchers which means more structural strength plus visual presence. The way I like it…

And there are no signs of moisture on the raw canvas on the back. Supa!

So would I recommend hanging my prints in a bathroom?

I will post any updates as time goes on, but from where I stand right now, I would definitely recommend hanging my canvas prints in any bathroom. Keep in mind, I offer no guarantees in this area. It is at your own risk if you decide to put a piece in a “compromising” space such as a bathroom, but let me tell ya…having this piece in our bathroom makes my day every time I spend time there and it is worth risking the lifespan of the print when I hear people go on and on about how much they love my lupin print in the bathroom with its sister print of the same size hanging right outside in the hallway. By the time this print breaks down, I’m sure I will be ready to put a new one in there anyways. Right?

My "Moore Lupins" & "Up, Up & Away" canvas prints

My “Moore Lupins” & “Up, Up & Away” canvas prints

By the way...

Bug's Eye View of "Up, Up & Away"

Bug’s eye view of “Up, Up & Away”

By the way, I used Benjamin Moore CC-542 “Willow” in our main bathroom, ensuite and kitchen and it is gorgeous! The colour moves between deep chocolate, aubergine/eggplant and the most delicous gray, depending on the time of day and amount of light. “Up, Up & Away” pops off the wall yet looks nicely anchored at the same time. (PS: when I click on the BM link above, the colour on my computer monitor looks lighter/creamier than the actual paint on my wall which is deep and pretty dark)

I use grey, chocolate and eggplant coloured towels and facecloths to keep the bathroom calm but you could kick it with turquoise and lime green for punch and fun.

I would also like to add that I really like where the print is hung. Because I originally painted this piece from a bug’s eye view, when you sit down on the “main seat” in the bathroom, you are slightly looking up at the print which enhances the viewpoint  🙂

Feel free to share this with anyone who would enjoy it.
The more the merrier!
And drop me a line below in the comments, if you like…
"Up, Up & Away

“Up, Up & Away”

For prints of “Up, Up & Away”, click here.

"Moore Lupins"

“Moore Lupins”

For prints of “Moore Lupins”, click here.


All my canvas prints are Made Right Here in St. John’s Newfoundland.


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