The Best Solution for Hanging Pictures – No More Wall Scuffing

July 13, 2015

PIECEOFPYE-Best-Solution-Hanging-Pictures-No-More-Wall-ScuffingWhen I had my Interior Design business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we would often re-hang clients’ artwork. The worst part was taking down a piece revealing a scuffed wall from the hanger swinging back and forth. So I came up with the simplest best solution for hanging pictures and artwork, forever eliminating unnecessarily scratched wall paint.

Just put up a piece of painter’s tape and hammer in your nail and hook and it acts as a buffer between the metal and your precious wall paint. Quick and easy…the way I like it. And it makes changing up artwork later way easier.

PS: Another quick hanging tip is to use white toothpaste to fill in small nail holes.

kapb_headshot_-_rounded_cornersArtist Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara – Experience Newfoundland & life through my artist eyes. Born and raised here on this big rock in the Atlantic Ocean. After my Fine Arts degree and Interior Decorating, lived away for ages. In 2009 moved back with new appreciation for this place. Come hang out and explore with me. Sign up for your Piece of Pye newsletter & art prizes!

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  1. Thanks Keli-Ann! It’s almost spring so time to rearrange artwork. Will use this new technique. May need some new pieces. Will check out your website. Love, your Aunt Carol xoxo

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