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July 30, 2015

I never thought I’d see one of my paintings in fabric! Check out this beautiful quilt inspired by my painting The Space Between that is being displayed in the Grand National Quilt Show. No surprise there, it’s beautiful!


“My quilt, based on your beautiful art, made it into Grand National Quilt Show! 50 quilts were selected from across the country and will be on display in Kitchener from early May to early September. I am sure it wouldn’t be there if it weren’t based on your painting. Thank you so much for allowing me to translate it into fabric.”

Quilt by Carol Ross Williamson

My painting “The Space Between”

As an artist, the biggest thrill I can get is when someone let’s me know my art affected their art. Art inspiring art. Here are a few cool stories of how creative souls incorporated my artwork into theirs.

LES GILHOLME emailed me:

“Hi Keli Ann – My name is Les Gilholme. I live in Newman’s Cove near Bonavista. And I make whimsical Birdhouses out of reclaimed wood. I do not sell my birdhouses but donate them to local charity/fundraisers. Recently I was in St. John’s and noticed your advert card showing the “Republic of Barn“, this inspired me to recreate the “Barn” as a birdhouse.

I would like your permission to donate this piece to the local 5 Coves Firefighters fundraiser. I shall of course give you full recognition for the original artist and great artwork. I have attached pictures of the “Barn” and other birdhouses that I make. Each one is about 12″ x 14″ x 6″. Regards, Les Gilholme”

I loved Les’s beautiful email almost as much as the birdhouse he created. It’s just so classy – asking my permission to donate the piece he made by hand to help Firefighters. That’s artistic integrity at its finest. So I figure you can guess that I most definitely gave my permission 🙂

Les's philanthropic Barn birdhouse

Les’s philanthropic Barn birdhouse

My painting "Republic of Barn"

My painting “Republic of Barn”

The entrance to the Barn

The entrance to the Barn

JEFF NEWHOOK Facebook messaged me:

“Hi. Wanted to share my wood carving. Just started painting my carvings. Using what I learned from your videos. There was one with a road n store. I’m trying to be more patient and build up in layers. Before I tried to get it all in one go n things turned flat n muddy. Still prefer carving as I can go all out hogging wood off. Using diluted acrylic paints as washes. The carving is basswood. The whimsical nature means no mistakes.”

Until Jeff sent me this message, I didn’t realize people were using my Livestream painting videos to learn different techniques. That’s one of the reasons I did them, but you just never know if anyone is still using them all these years later, ya know?

Jeff's sculpture painted in washes

Jeff’s sculpture painted in washes

"Road n store" aka my painting "Jack's Store"

“Road n store” aka my painting “Jack’s Store”


Beth used Sculpey, a polymer clay that you bake to harden after sculpting, to do her own tiny versions of two of my paintings “The Cure” and “Republic of Barn” 🙂 I mean really, are these the cutest? Neat to see my paintings even more gooey than they already are!

Beth's Sculpey version of "The Cure"

Beth’s Sculpey version of “The Cure”


My painting “The Cure”

Beth's sculpted "Republic of Barn"

Beth’s sculpted “Republic of Barn”

My painting "Republic of Barn"

My painting “Republic of Barn”


Eugene is a close friend of mine and my family with a lot of special history together. Sure he helped us make our wedding happen in Renews! Eugene is one of those guys who can build something amazing out of anything at all and doesn’t even acknowledge the artistry behind the things he creates. He’s a man of the sea from Renews so he’s old school and he has this artistic flare to him. Every time you ask him what he’s up to, he’ll tell you about another creative project on the go. So I must share the playhouse he built for his first grand daughter, Lily, inspired by my painting “House on Highway 26”. It was so trippy hanging out in a house that looks like many of my paintings combined together…in real life. Really cool.

Hanging out in Lily's playhouse

Hanging out in Lily’s playhouse

My painting "House on Highway 26"

My painting “House on Highway 26”

Tea at Lily's

Tea at Lily’s

Interesting enough, 3 years later I went on to paint this painting “Anchor Management” which must be inspired by the colours we picked for Lily’s house, right? Art inspiring art inspiring art.

My painting "Anchor Management"

My painting “Anchor Management”

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  1. I wish Brian were still here to see this! He would have gotten such a big kick out of it. He’d have loved the charm, the whimsy, and the way art can have this profound snowball effect.

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