June 17, 2015

When I moved back to Newfoundland in 2009, I was so jazzed to hit the trails of this rocky shoreline and it was meant to be because I found the perfect hiking adventure partner within a year of being home – Samantha.

We have hiked miles and miles of the East Coast Trail and the T’railway. We have witnessed vistas of the most amazing land and seascapes – all inspiration for our professions. I’m an artist and she is a journalist and we’re both photographers and lifestyle bloggers (check out

We maximize our hiking experience by starting at the crack of early to take advantage of the peace and quiet that only exists at 6:00 A.M. Neither of us are really ‘morning’ people as a rule, but we are committed to early hiking. Watching the sun come up over the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean is quite the sight to see – worth the effort.

Mad Rocks Cafe in Bay Roberts. Best toutons.

Mad Rocks Cafe in Bay Roberts. Best toutons ever.

We are pretty hard core when it comes to the weather. Unless it is pelting rain-sleet outside, we go hiking. Surprisingly, we hike way more in the winter than any other season. And if the weather just isn’t fit, we still meet at a diner and have coffee, breakfast and a chat for the hours we would have spent hiking…so either way, it’s fun.

And did you know hiking is the best free therapy on the go? We hike most times for at least 3 hours and we talk pretty much from the minute we meet until the minute we part. By the time we are going our separate ways, we have exchanged most of the personal and business information that we have collected since we last saw each other, have caught up on what’s going on in each other’s lives and have solved most of our challenges of the days ahead.

So how great is it to be out in the fresh crisp outdoors before the world wakes up, with someone you love to hang out with, hearing ideas outside your own head, seeing what sticks, getting exercise, collecting inspiration and having a laugh? Best well-rounded therapy on the go for me, by far.

What’s your best free therapy?

kapb_headshot_-_rounded_cornersArtist Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara – Experience Newfoundland & life through my artist eyes. Born and raised here on this big rock in the Atlantic Ocean. After my Fine Arts degree and Interior Decorating, lived away for ages. In 2009 moved back with new appreciation for this place. Come hang out and explore with me. Sign up for your Piece of Pye newsletter & art prizes!


  1. My Chicago daughter just spent 2 weeks hiking and holidaying in Newfoundland. Her brother lives there. I haven’t heard her so invigorated post holiday as this time! I love visiting St John’s every October.
    As an aside, my daughter told me tonight that they captured the Wayward Alligator in Chicago! Imagine!

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