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April 15, 2015

Well it’s official – my new ‘Piece of Pye…A Slice of Life’ blog is LIVE! Want to be my first guest blogger? Share your Story and Enter to Win Art Prizes!

I have spent the past 3+ months creating this blog so I can chat about all the things I love. Even though art is my profession, I have other ingredients that make life delicious for me (including art, of course). To celebrate my ‘life shift’, I’m giving away art PRIZES! How do you enter to WIN?

At the end of this article in the comment section, POST a brief description of the small or big change(s) you have made, are making, or will be making in your life. Feel free to SHARE this article with anyone you know who is making changes and would want to be involved.

On Thursday, May 14th, I will pick one of you lucky ducks from a random draw to be my first guest lifestyle blogger to chat about your life change. And for being chosen, you WIN a 6×21” canvas print of my painting “Blowing in the Wind”. I will also do 5 random draws from all the comments below to win my Newfoundland Quickies Post Card Set.

Time for a well-deserved beer…

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  1. I just changed jobs. It was a tough decision to make as I had been at the same company for almost 10 years. But I wasn’t happy there so it was time for a change. My new company is very close in proximity to my previous one. On my first day, I had to remind myself to keep driving straight down the road (to where my new company is located) instead of turning right (where my old company is located). It’s a good metaphor for change – keep going straight ahead!

    1. Jackie! You are my first comment…gotta love ya, woman! Congrats on the new job. I didn’t even know you were changing jobs 🙂

  2. I recently retired after almost 35 years teaching and I’m trying to figire this retirement thing out. We had a new house built and that occupied us for a while. Then we did some travel, far and wide. This past winter I returned to oil painting and have really enjoyed my involvement in various clubs, classes and workshops but now I feel I need a break so we are traveling again. I guess what I’m trying to say is that retirement is a profound change. Without work in you life you have an awful lot of hours to fill. There is only so much reading and painting and exercise and …. that you can do before you get bored. I’m learning g to accept that some days are just ordinary. I try to fill my days doing the things I enjoy and looked forward to as I planned for retirement. Perhaps I need to learn to relax. My advice to others who are looking forward to retirement….. be prepared for ordinary days, lots of them.

  3. Big changes coming for hubby and myself- the plan is to move back to the Rock, from Calgary, been gone since 1995- we bought a chunk of land on top of a cliff and plan to build a B&B. The land has been developed and it’s just waiting for a house. Going to be interesting to see if our 18 year old and our 16 year old will be up for the move- as of now they’re on board.. fingers crossed that won’t change. I’ve been wanting to move back since I left- and I can’t wait to get me arse back there- permanently!! ( in another 2 years I think) Oh the rolling of the sea, is beckoning to me!! 🙂

    1. That is awesome, Nancy! I’d say if you guys are moving back, your kiddies will have to be into it too 😉 Although in 2 years they will be 18 & 20 and could decide to stay there. Tough one, but I’m sure it will all work out. Looking forward to visiting your B&B 🙂

  4. This is fabulous Keli-Ann!

    I figured I would add my two cents since change is my middle name in this time of my life:) The changes that have been taking place have been ongoing for some time, so I’m not sure it fits with your criteria for the ‘contest’ but you inspired me to write (awesome job with your blog!), so here I am. I was a career driven, ‘Type-A’, hard-working, single mom on the path for success in a professional business leadership role – and happy with it. Within a few years, I was a married entrepreneur working part-time with a grown child and toddler! And now I’m training for my yoga teacher and meditation instructor certifications! My big change is transitioning from that stereotypical professional career world to yoga-meditating-nature nut mom and entrerpeneur/writer. I have even given away all but one business suit. The changes are still occurring and what a ride it has been! <3

    1. Oh yes, this definitely fits the criteria! Those are huge life changes. Good on ya! I’ve been following your changes for quite some time now and I am amazed at what you are doing 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Keli-Ann! I love your love of life and excited for all you are going to share with us! WooHoo!

    Change… Last year, my life changed dramatically in even area and I’m still in recovery! The good thing is that all the changes were positive; the bad news is that all change takes its toll. The good news is the gift in the bad. Now I’m talking in circles but that’s what happens when you fall head-over-heels in love after being a single, independent woman for 10 years! Our love was a like a whirlwind and just this week, we celebrate one year of living under the same roof – with four teenagers! There are many stories to tell, many lessons learned and there will be more! Changes keep us on our toes and challenge us to stay true to our values and trust our instincts. I am now wide open to the possibilities that lie ahead as even more change is expected in the coming months. Stay tuned…

    1. One year already? Hooooly! Time flies, man. Yes, you have been through some big changes and have come out on top. Glad you have a great guy, good kids and a smile on your face 🙂 Woohoo!

  6. Big changes in my life! My husband has taken a temporary job in Nova Scotia, which means that I went from part of a partnership, sharing the work of raising three kids and two dogs, to a solo-flyer most of the time! As a result of that and other changes, I decided to give up the business that I’ve been running with two other women. And recently I’ve been looking at other things that are in my life that don’t serve me or my goals, and jettisoning them too, replacing them with things that do. A real shift has occurred for me – toward caring for myself and prioritizing the things that mean the most to me.

    PS – I love your art, and my neighbour and friend Carolyn Rideout, is a good friend of yours!

    1. Hi Lori! Carolyn has mentioned your name before. That’s a big job flying solo. Sounds like you’re ready to ‘clean out the closets’ and start fresh. Rock on!

  7. congrats on this new blog beauty – I love it!

    I’m no stranger to change .

    Jan 28 2015 – I underwent cosmetic surgery .

    I spent 5 years straight breastfeeding my 2 beautiful children . It left my breasts ” empty ” looking , that was something I wasn’t willing to live with my entire life .

    I had been pregnant twice in 30 months , I had gained and lost a total of 120 pounds . As a result the skin in my belly area was left without much elasticity – something else that I wasn’t willing to live with .

    Since it was impossible to change these things naturally – and I was unwilling to accept them – and complaining about it wasn’t an option 😉 I opted for surgery – what a wild ride .

  8. I just returned from an extended vacation on a little tropical island in Bahamas. I was told the first day I was there that there are two speed on the island….slow and stop. I embraced that. All my communications were turned off (accept for a check-in every couple days). I never looked at a clock. My life became lived in the moment with no fuss, no rush, no expectations. I have returned home now. And other than a really rocking tan 🙂 I’ve brought back the desire to maintain that island philosophy of mindfulness, living in the moment and not rushing or being frenetic. I was getting lost in ‘the rush’ and was constantly filled with anxiety trying to maintain it. No more!

  9. So proud of you! Honestly I can’t believe it has taken you this long since you really have been blogging since kindergarten. You started with crayons, moved to doodling with pencil leds, then to markers with sparkles, then to coloured pens and the list goes on and now officially blogging online for the world to hear your amazing, spicy life! I am looking forward to reading the many great stories. I love you and good luck! I’m your #1 fan besides mom, lol.

    1. “The other slice of the pye” – hahaha! Thanks, sissy. This blog is definitely opening up a new world for me, for sure. I have a ton of stories waiting to spill out. Now to manage my time so that I can also paint…and write about that too 🙂 You have some amazing changes you have just made in your life…gonna share? Quite inspiring.

  10. Congratulations on your blog Keli-Ann! I think this a fabulous change you’re making and I can’t wait to read more.

    I would like to contribute my own story of change! Although I’m just a youngster, this past year has been an incredible journey. This time last April I was still reeling after the end of a troubling relationship; having left me discouraged, alone, and quite pregnant. Leaving my job to go on maternity leave was another huge adjustment, the first time I hadn’t had at least one full-time job in over five years! The rest of the year was filled with the joy that only bringing a beautiful baby girl into this wild world could bring. Paige’s first smile, laugh, rollover and crawl have changed me forever! Moving forward will only bring more changes, I’m making plans to go back to school. 🙂 Excited doesn’t begin to describe my feelings toward change; face it and embrace it my friend!

    1. Thanks, Marissa! Those are some major changes. A baby is probably one of the biggest changes (and the most full time ‘job’) you will ever experience and you seem to be handling it like a pro. “Face it and embrace it” – I love that!

  11. Fabulous blog Keli-Ann.
    Major life changes began for me many years ago when I was at my lowest. Today I am benefiting from those scary decisions that lead to so much growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually. At the age of thirty-four I decided to become responsible for my own happiness and stop blaming the world for my sorry lot in life, lack of self-esteem and peace of mind. I read and attended everything possible that would help me. I worked on becoming self-aware and self-accepting, which lead to confidence. I obtained a job I felt I deserved and not one I settled for. I began to become more self-disciplined with money, spending and saving. Instead of always thinking of myself, I decided to help others where and when possible, whether it was in my own backyard or thousands of miles away. Learning something new every day became my goal. I changed myself from the inside out by learning to love the person I am, not the one I thought others wanted me to be. It has brought me freedom, stability, world travel, an appreciation for art, the drive and confidence to be an artist, unconditional love for myself, my family and friends, and a zest for life that I would never have thought possible those many years ago before I made the decision to ‘sh..t or get of the pot”! Fear does not rule me anymore.

    1. Wow, Trudy. Well said. You have travelled some serious miles over the years. I like that helping others helped you help yourself – seems to be a common thread in the fastest and truest growth, healing and acceptance of ourselves.

  12. Life Changes is good. I’m a retired mom of two amazing adults now grown up and excelling in their upbringing. 10 years ago I worked with the most amazing boss and company and he got sick and decided to move he’s business to Vancouver and passed along the business to he’s family. A group of us lost our jobs. Instead of getting down about it I took the opportunity by the Horn and never looked back. At that time I decided to be a stay at home mom for the kids and our new puppy. With my husband working away a month on month off it was up to me to keep the house running and the perfect time to take up my new dreams and have my time too. So I’ve done numerous painting classes, joined a running group, gardening and all kinds of DIY projects along the way. I’ve had the most fun from all these new experiences have met very special and helpful people and realizing there isn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish a quarter of what I have planned. Good luck with your new adventure and always keep a KICK in your step and never look back. You go girl !!
    Dreams do come true………

    1. You are right. Life change is good – especially when it means being able to focus on yourself after looking after others for a big part of your life. And it is about taking the bull by the horns and making it happen. If we don’t, who is going to do it for us, right?

  13. Hi Kelli-Ann:)
    As your April 14th draws to a close I wish to congratulate you on allowing beautiful hearts and minds to be heard in our vast cyber world…. What changes are occurring? Unending… This world is changing sooo quickly… Our communities… Our influences… Our diets… Hard to keep up with it all… BUT I wish to also celebrate our strengths to resist change when we know what is right… What is true… What is best for us… Just like your ” Blowing in the Wind”. Our traditions, our culture, our stories… All so important to try to hold onto dearly in this most wonderful, increasingly complex world… The only thing that stays the same is everything changes 🙂

    1. Yip, change is the spice of life and pretty much the only guarantee on the go. You got that right. PS: the contest closes 14 May, not 14 April 🙂

  14. Hey Keli-Ann: We met a couple of years ago in Renews at one of the art shows, I love your work and have been getting your newsletter for quite some time now. Big change in my life, I did two years of art courses back in 93 and 94 but never pursued it as a career, I bought a book about 8 years ago called. Drawing on the right side of the brain, skimmed through it at the time but never did the exercises in it. I am 52 two years old now and for some reason last month I picked up the book again and started doing the exercises in the book, I have drawn at least one picture every day since and can really see a difference in my work. I have decided to devote most of my spare time this summer to using this book to improve my drawing and this coming winter I am going to get back into painting again. I didn’t know how much I missed it til I started again. Thanks for always being an inspiration with your newsletters and positive attitude. I look forward to meeting you again someday soon, Take care

    1. Bill – now that is inspiring. Committing to art is the hardest part sometimes, I find. A drawing a day is a great idea. Even though art is my profession, the business part of it takes up A LOT of my time. I haven’t painted since January! That being said I have done a few Zentangles and doodles over the last few months to keep the juices flowing. Despite not painting as much as I would like, writing satisfies me nearly as much…hence loving my new blog 🙂

  15. Embracing change is how I have always lived my life. Right now I am cutting back my full time hours to part time for two reasons. One, to help my 7 year old who has a learning disability and two, so that I can have a little more time to pursue my craft. I am a writer. With one novel under my belt I am anxious to get going on book number two. My family will always come first but they in turn support my passion and allow me to have the time I need to release all the voices that keep swimming around in my head. When an artist friend of mine read my book and wrote to me to say, “You inspired me to pick up my paint brushes again. I haven’t painted in two years.” I knew that I had to keep going. Your work inspires me Keli-Ann so I feel honoured when someone says the same thing to me.

    1. Hi Renee – it seems a lot of people are scaling down these days to get back to the things they really enjoy. I find, like you, someone being inspired by what I’m doing, inspires me in return.

    2. Hi Renee – Guess what! You won a set of my Newfoundland Quickies from the 5 random draws. Woohoo! Please email me your address and I will pop them in the mail for you.
      Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  16. My life Changing event is non stop. It is always changing and I am grateful for every new experience. The most impacting change however occurred 3 years ago when my Husbands daughter was reunited with him after his ex-wife kidnapped her at 1 year of age. When she was returned to us she was 11, turning 12, so we are talking a 10 year absence and fight with all varieties of government and policing in the Country. I became involved with him and the fight a year after she was illegally taken from him, so I was always prepared for the change in our world. My son was already grown and on his own so adding an air of childhood to the empty nest was something I was willing to entertain.
    Of course we would have preferred to have our girl with us through all her growing years, but Fate/Destiny/Karma/God, whatever we want to call it had different plans.
    As you can imagine our angel came to us badly bruised, mind, body, and soul, and we then fought for another year to get assistance from our NL government to provide a quality care for her broken spirit. Things got worse before they got better which in the end resulted in her being taken from us for yet another year to get treatment in a Mainland Facility because in this great Province we have yet to establish a mental health care that facilitates our young.
    She has been home now for 4 months and we can finally see the bright light in her that she always should have been able to shine brightly, if not for the choices her Mother made.
    I could detail what she went through in those 10 long, agonizing years, but none of us dwell on the past, we just move towards the future and take the hiccups as they come and bless every day that we are able to share together.
    The sad part of this story is that she has a brother, who was 1 year older then she was when they were taken. He did not want to live here though he visited once, and his Mother did not want to let him go. The emotional and mental abuse that these children have been surrounded by continue with her brother. We could not force him to live here, that would only have made matters worse. We could only imagine the scenarios that may have played out if we pushed the issue. Our baby needed 110% attention and though we would have loved to have taken both under our wings, it was clear that having her brother share that time and attention was not going to give her the time, energy, and unconditional love that she so desperately craved and needed.
    The bright side of the dark story is that the future is in our hands and one day her brother and she will reunite and hopefully be able to find some memory of their childhood that is not damaged, or frightening. We pray for his safety ever day and have family that check on him regularly in his town.
    So, my life changing decision was to give hope and love to a fallen angel. Every day her wings get stronger and with each of those passing days my heart fills with more love and proud motherhood.
    She is not just a girl who lives in my house, she IS my Daughter. I could not have given birth to her and felt any different a connection than I do now. Strangers, or people who do not know our story tell us all the time how much we look alike, she must have taken her looks from my ancestry. People who do know our story cannot believe she isn’t mine but for the fact that they know she did not grow inside of me. I was meant to be her mother they say.
    Thank you for a forum to be able to share our story. See ,it isn’t just my story, it is a family story that we all share in tears, laughter, hope and love.

    1. Diane – your story is amazing. Your commitment to family is a wonderful thing to provide for your daughter and hopefully everything will keep falling into place with time. You are all so fortunate to have each other.

    2. Hi Diane – Guess what! You won a set of my Newfoundland Quickies from the 5 random draws. Woohoo! Please email me your address and I will pop them in the mail for you.
      Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  17. I used to think that moving from Labrador to Nova Scotia with my husband was going to be one of the biggest changes but then we had kids, moved to the country, and started farming. Let me tell you, that’s a life changer! But for us it’s been the best life change ever.

    Not only do we get to share incredible experiences with our kids am teach them all about life and nature, but farming has had a huge impact on our health. We are forced to be outside (in all sorts of weather conditions) and active even when we don’t really feel like it. Living in the country with lots of space for the kids to play means they are more adventurous and independant. I just love watching them climb trees and hay bales and pretend they are explorers, kings and queens, or super heroes…and we get to be kids again for a while too.

    1. Andrea, that is awesome! I was just saying the other day that it is so rare to see kids out playing in the yard. “Explorers, kings and queens, or super heroes” …imagination is the best tool in the shed for all of us 🙂

  18. Love this gorgeous new blog my sweet!

    I have committed to having more fun (outside of my work fun of course!) while I am traveling. It’s so easy to get caught up in work but then the days pass by so quickly and I’ve been in my computer all day! So, I committed to ensuring I spend the weekends exploring and during the workdays, I get my Spanish lessons in (at least 30 minutes), exercise and every other night, something fun!

    1. JT – I hear ya! I have to commit to doing my art as the business can suck all the fun out of it 🙂

  19. Love the blog Pye!

    I’m at the beginning of a big life change and I’m SO excited about it! I’ve taken a year leave of absence from my cubicle-dwelling job with the intent on finding other work in that time. I’m throwing aside the Golden Handcuffs, ignoring the calls of “what about your pension?!” and getting out of the soul-sucking bureaucracy. I can’t wait to find a job where my work actually makes a difference (yes, I’m still an optimist). Thanks for your support, encouragement and wise words Pye!

    1. Lisa, you are of the main reasons I have been analyzing my life and business. The fact you are making the leap from cubicle to creative is wicked!! It is one of the sparks that made this blog happen. Rock on!

  20. Keli-Ann,

    I recently moved back to Newfoundland after 14+ years in Toronto, with my husband and dog, Kayleigh. We bought a house in St. John’s, where he started a new job and I got my very first craft studio! So exciting. I am now trying to get back to designing knit accessories, (I have already released some sock designs) with some time dedicated to weaving and spinning. 😀

  21. I absolutely love your work. I have one piece of your work and it’s treasured in my home <3 As for life changes, I've been on a constant upward rise for 2 years now. I had 10 years of childhood sexual abuse that affected who I was in my life. I managed to become extremely obese and a victim of life. I did a transformational training program 2 years ago and since then I've seen the world differently. I am able to leave the past where it belongs and I CHOOSE to be the woman I am today. I love my life, I have an amazing husband and two beautiful children. I had been unable to live fully in the moment before now. So my transition is to just BE present, happy & Love Every Single Day. And help as many people as I can to see the amazing light within them. My new life motto is " I will leave everyone in better condition than when I found them!" I love your new blog….beautiful work and love the opportunity to enter to win! Thanks.

  22. I am from South Africa. My life change started when I met my Newfoundland wife to be on the roof top of the Renaissance Hotel in Saigon/Ho Chi Min City in 2008. The biggest change came last year when I become a dad again at the age of 48 and it has not stopped since then. I have since been fortunate enough to become a stay at home dad living in Beijing. Another change is on the horizon, with a move to Jeju Island, South Korea in July this year. To top it off I am changing careers and will starting studying again later this year to be come a teacher. I will be 50 years old when I qualify. Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks 🙂 Love you work 🙂

    1. You need to post a story of a change you have made, are making or are going to make. The details are in the article above.

  23. I left Newfoundland and moved to the US at 6 months pregnant…..about to go back to work…..would love to have some of your beautiful Newfoundland art!

  24. I’ve changed my perspective on life….to try to always be happy and choose the positive alternative to any bad situation….you’ll find you become very content and suddently catch yourself smiling a lot more!

  25. My story of change is long and entailed. I grew up around the bay. I was the second in a family of six girls. We were all two years apart and so as the new babies came, we became caregivers. Our house was the traditional little house with the one dormer on the 1/2 storey. When I was 5 yrs. old my parents built over the house (literally). They threw the old house out the window. We all played in the mud between the floor joists while our parents nailed down new floor boards. The house was so cold that we would jostle to sit near the woodstove in the kitchen. I remember thinking “how can I get from the bed to the kitchen without touching the floor”. We all grew up in that house. Two to a bed and had no choice but to get along. Every Christmas was sad because our dad was an alcoholic (binge drinker really), but man …he had musical talent. he could pick up any instrument and make it whisper to you. We would spend Sunday afternoons in the kitchen and we’d sing ” coat of many colours” and we were all going to grow up to sing like Dolly Parton. I was the consummate girly-girl. One of my aunts, that attended many social functions, would pass on garbage bags of discarded gowns, all taffeta and with attached shawls. I would dress in my best gown and grace the stage of our kitchen to perform. When reality set in that we would be expected to graduate high school with no hope or consideration to further our education. I did what everyone did, I looked for a job. Deep in my heart I knew that something better was waiting. I met a guy and took a chance. I moved from Bryant’s Cove (population 270) to Montreal. We lived downtown and I memorized street names to get around. Since then….we married, moved numerous times and had three boys and settled back in NL. In 2006, my mother in law died and we moved my father in law in with us. It was ok…but, the me that was wife and mom…was delegated to caregiver. That was the pivotal point.Three years ago, I went to Italy. I met a bus tour there and found my way back to myself. Since then I have immersed myself in all the love and devotion and spiritual growth, that I have access to. My heart has exploded with love for the people I encounter on my daily round and when the people, who I feel should support me…looks at me in disbelief and a little disgust. I keep moving forward, because I have not left behind that little girl” that knew, there is something better”.

  26. Change…hmmm…feels like I am in a constant state of change these days…kids are growing in preteens, I’m looking towards retirement and finding many new ways to fulfill my spiritual side, like volunteering and being involved with groups like I AM GENIE and learning from the amazing people they’ve brought to our town. Looking forward to seeing what other changes the coming months bring! Thanks for the contest, love the art!!

  27. Change. This seems to be the biggest of all words that I have encountered over the past few months. I lost my husband 4 months ago. He passed away after a lengthy illness, leaving behind myself and our 9 year old daughter. So now I’m left with many questions, who am I without him physically here? Who are we without him? Lots of redefining of everything; life, the big questions, who I want to be, what I want to be when I “grow up”. What kind of mom will I be now that I am just one parent, re-evaluating my career, and I turn 40 in a little over a month. So change has happened and change is happening.

  28. I have changed the way I see food. For a long time it was the enemy, the challenge, the task master, the frustration. I have done a bunch of changing in my attitude, outlook and beliefs around food, weight and beauty. I am so loving the allowing of my body to find it’s way, and the clarity that food is my friend.

    Love your blog, my friend. I am super excited to read the post from your first guest blogger!

    K xo

  29. Kelli, now that I’ve raised 3 children and a husband I’ve decided to do something for me. A little mixed media art and photograpy and I loved it. Get lost in the quietness of myself. Love your art.

  30. Hi Kelli-Ann:

    Love your blog and thanks for sharing,

    My life is in for some big changes and some at the present time are quite scary. Me and my husband have our house for sale here in town and have a piece of land bought in trinity bay. The plan is to sell our house and build a new one on our land. Our house has been up for sale for six months now and at present me and my husband are out of work. We have put everything on the line to move so we can move around the bay and live a more peaceful and tranquil life. Hopefully we can get to do this very soon before the money runs out. Also I am awaiting a knee replacement that is months over due so I really can’t look for work. I am optimistic that we will be living our dreams soon before it all turns into a nightmare.

  31. hummm let’s see… I have made many many changes in my life…(Beginning two years ago) became an independent woman, (Sans husband) , Quit smoking!! Yaaay me! Began a journey of higher consciousness, faced my fear of heights by rappelling off Atlantic Place to raise money for Easter Seals.. (Those kids have overcome far more challenges than that and do it EVERY DAY!) Decided that I could manifest great things… (Traffic, parking spaces, turned into tickets to an event for me and then another deserving lady) but the most recent of all began before Lent.. where I decided to change my lifestyle.. I went form lounging around every night, drinking wine and not looking after myself very well…not really moving much after a long day of being a Massage Therapist… to abolishing ALL simple Carbs, including sugar , grains, and yes obviously all forms of Alcohol! This then inspired me to decide to move more and being comfy in water I joined the Summit (here in the Pearl… gym and pool) So now I go to Aqua Zumba, Aqua Fit, I do laps and aqua jogging 4 times a week. Yes I am on a continuous journey of being the best Debbie I can be… for me……. and guess what I found out during all of this? I really LOVE myself! First time ever! MY most recent validation which I didn’t realize was even noticeable… my son says to me (visiting from Montreal) “Mom you look great! I notice that you look so healthy and you’ve lost a lot of weight and … Not that there’s anything wrong with the way you looked or with not looking as healthy… but you look sooo healthy Mom!” I am still a work in progress but wow I really do love moving and I have found my niche! Aqua!

  32. Almost 20 years ago I took my daughter, moved to this beautiful city with $20 in my pocket and started our life over. It has been many chapters of amazing and challenging obstacles and worth every one of them. My daughter has now given me a beautiful granddaughter. At 45, just 4 years ago I decided to go back to school to.pursue my life long dream. I left my family, my partner, my puppies, sold everything I had and went to Grand falls for 2 years to become a Funeral Director/Embalmer. I graduated with a 94 average and discovered so many strengths about myself. I also discovered my passion in a career. Through the absolute honor of helping others celebrate lives of their loved ones, I gained a completely different perspective on life. I don’t take one minute for granted and i am so honored to be a part of learning about so many wonderful people. Helping people heal and find peace has ultimately helped me heal and find peace. My life has been changing and evolving for many years and I am truly grateful.

    1. Hi Susanne – Guess what! You won a set of my Newfoundland Quickies from the 5 random draws. Woohoo! Please email me your address and I will pop them in the mail for you.
      Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  33. Hi KelliAnn, this is the first time I commented on any of your posts- I got a new tablet for Easter. Some changes we have happening up our way, Bev is gone back to the city for work this summer leaving me high and dry to do the cooking, cleaning and the entertaining but that’s life! Its a change that happens this time every year for us. Luckily I have Gina up with me to help out and keep me company. That’s a big change for her and me! Hope to see you soon!

  34. Kelli this is such a wonderful idea. I wrote this yesterday. And then deleted it. I wasn’t sure I was ready to share my story of change, but you and Brent are always such a positive influence on my newsfeed I felt I should.
    My story begins 2140 days ago when my beautiful Daughter was born. Her mother and I had a brief relationship that didn’t work out, and the pregnancy was a huge surprise to me, as I was working under the impression we were using birth control. Having always wanted children I stayed in ontario no instead of returning to my family business in NF to be a part of our child’s life. Her mother, however had diffrent thoughts.
    Over the past almost 6 years I have struggled constantly in court, at work and in my personal life, because I am unable to get consistent and meaningful time with our child. I have, through this whole time, been through the full gambit of emotion ranging from angry, frustrated, helpless, and depressed. Also joyous and happy, but far to little of the latter im afraid.

    My personal change came about 3 months ago, when I realized that, through a combination of factors, including an extremely gender oriented family court system, I simply was not going to win this fight. I have bankrupt myself to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees alone, and it has drastically lowered my quality of life, to the point where at one point I was using a food bank and sleeping in my car. I realized to effectively move forward with my daughter and provide for her a standard of living I can be proud of, I must first begin to provide for myself. As her mother will not allow any changes to our schedule, if I miss a visit due to work I am unable to pick up that time later, so I have struggled to find a job with flexible enough hours to allow my visits. However, none of these jobs pay a reasonable standard of living.
    So I did the unthinkable. I gave up the fight. It has been an emotional and financial drain on my body and soul for 6 years and it hasn’t got any better. So I began looking, not for a job that fits my visits, but a job that advances my life, and if I can’t maintain my visits for the future, well it is the price I pay to provide a better life for my daughter. Later in life I hope she will understand, as we watch icebergs in the bay, or sip Mai Thais on a beach and when she graduates university, that this short term difficulty was what helped that long term difficulty. I still struggle everyday with my decision, but feel better for having begun to work towards a brighter future. Now instead of being angry and disappointed and frustrated, I am hopeful, happier and have a clearer vision for myself and my daughter.

    I often think of when the airlines tell you to first apply your oxygen mask to yourself, THEN your child, which is against every parental instinct we have. They do that because if you pass out, there will be no one left to help your child, but if the child passes out for a few seconds you can help them as you are awake and alert. I hope that this short term challenge, bears fruit in the long term for not only my daughter, but also myself.

    Thank you Kelli Ann, for giving us all a better outlook on life and a place to share our stories.
    ” To lose, it is not to fall and fail, but to fall and not get up”

    Much love,

    1. Hi Angus – Guess what! You won a set of my Newfoundland Quickies from the 5 random draws. Woohoo! Please email me your address and I will pop them in the mail for you.
      Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  35. Good day! Love reading through your blog. Nice to read some inspiring stories and make you sit back and realize what’s really important. I’ve also had some changes this year. I accepted a primary position in a multi aged classroom in Trepassey. It took me some time, but have finally found my balance of how it is possible to teach four grades at once! Love your artwork! Keep it coming:)

  36. After 22 yrs of doing home care,emergency care,respite care..I am tossing in my towel..I have taken care of people all my life..loved doing so..but putting my health at risks sometimes and just not taking care of me…having some medical problems of my own..I am starting walking to help me get bk in shape..I love the environment & do what I can to keep it clean..Rd side clean up,beach clean doing daughter is 8.. And I haven’t went out since I had her..just giving of myself all the I am making changes..and hopefully it will all work out

  37. My life is a continuous change…I most recent change is in how I view myself. My sister, Lynn, tells me I am a strong, intelligent and creative person and I am trying to believe what she tells me. I am a self-doubter – decisions must be logically approached then carefully weighed – not only the big decisions of life, but the little ones too…like which flavor ice cream will I buy?? Well, not the ice cream anymore – I will be adventurous now and just pick the first flavor I see – but other decisions must be carefully thought through to the point of exhaustion, still, inevitably, I will make the wrong decision! My little house burned in September 2014 and it’s still being rebuilt. I’ve had to make material decisions that have taken me past exhaustion, but soon (Thank you, Lard Above) I will be going home and sleeping under my own roof. Sleep has escaped me most of these past months – apartment living was never easy for me, and lately shift workers are living over my head coming home all hours of the night. Not their fault the landlord didn’t put in sufficient soundproofing, but boy, does it ever take a toll on the quality of my zzz’s. I resolve to live a more peaceful, less stressful life; less tv – more music, less processed – more fresh; less worry – more laughter, definitely less couch-potato – more steps in the great outdoors…you know, the stuff that everyone knows about, talks about, intends to do but don’t. Well, I’m making a change. I will live better for myself, me and I. I will appreciate each day I have – sun, rain, fog or snow. I will live fully and happier for my beloved daughter who passed away at age 20. (Mom’s gonna keep living for you, Niks!) And, KAPB, I have the perfect little blank wall in my rebuilt house waiting for a Piece of Pye to brighten it up. Even if I don’t win in the draw, I’ll go purchase one – oh my, to decide which piece!! I’ll have to logically think this one out….

  38. 4 years ago I decided to return to the province of my birth even though my friends and kids were in Ontario. I wasn’t sure it was the right decision however after viewing the Beauty of this Province I sure made the right decision. I have explored the beauty of many coves & bays, Whales, Birds & Iceburgs. In the past I have travelled around the World and there are not many places where the Scenery & People are 2nd to none. God Guard Thee Newfoundland.

  39. I made a major life change by entering a relationship with a woman i have been friends with for yrs, been the happiest moments of my life and everybody has noticed our positive change, and we are both art lovers.

  40. Aaaand the WINNER of the “Making Life Changes” Contest on my new Piece of Pye blog is…NANCY HAWKINS! Nancy wins the 6×18” Canvas Print of my painting “Blowing in the Wind” for sharing her story of moving back to Newfoundland. Big thanks to each of you who posted your personal stories of change – I am truly inspired 🙂

  41. And the WINNERS of the 5 random draws for a set of my Newfoundland Quickies are:
    2. RENEE
    3. DIANE
    4. SUSANNE
    5. ANGUS
    Thanks so much for making the launch of my blog so fun and interesting. Much appreciated! Keli-Ann

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