Heaven is a Pub

April 14, 2011

HEAVEN-IS-A-PUBBefore Dad passed away in 2003, I never really put much thought into what happens ‘afterwards’. I had settled into a nice easy theory that once you die, you go into the ground and that is it.

It absolutely amazed me that the instant I heard the news about my Dad, everything changed. My heart instantly started searching for another answer because the one I had mentally quipped was too cold, too devastating and way too permanent.

I have become quite a different person since the fateful day when I found out Dad was no longer walking this earth. Now, every time I hear that someone else has passed away, I choose to feel happy for them because I picture them entering Dad’s pub ‘in the sky’– dark wood, beautiful stained glass, custom designed furniture, comfortable seating with rich fabric, ambient lighting, pool tables, vintage pinball machines, interesting artefacts everywhere, great music, along with every beer, spirit and wine you could ever desire paired with fantastic food.

I imagine when someone enters ‘heaven’, they walk in through the beautiful hand carved wooden pub door and they are greeted by Dad’s big welcoming smile. They instantly know they have a friend and they are happy to be there. Sitting belly up to the bar, he explains to them the perks of ‘heaven’: there is no money, there is no time, there are no restrictions and everything is good for you.

He offers them a drink to celebrate their new stage of life. He holds up his glass and does a warm introduction to the rest of the crowd at the bar and they all have a toast to their new friend. Settled on their bar stools, they reminisce about family, friends, funny life stories and they laugh and laugh.

The best thing about the pub and Dad as “St. Peter” is that everyone is welcome…all the time.

kapb_headshot_-_rounded_cornersArtist Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara – Experience Newfoundland & life through my artist eyes. Born and raised here on this big rock in the Atlantic Ocean. After my Fine Arts degree and Interior Decorating, lived away for ages. In 2009 moved back with new appreciation for this place. Come hang out and explore with me. Sign up for your Piece of Pye newsletter & art prizes!


  1. My farther died five years ago, a good friend at the time said “look for the signs”… not sure what I believed at the time, but I’ve come to believe in the signs, sometimes I wonder, but mostly I believe. There are things that are beyond coincidence, (not that they have to be). My dad’s friend and coworker passed away on Saturday, I was traveling at the time, and I got so many signs that he was around I started pointing them out to my wife, it was after I’d gotten home (well Halifax anyway) that I was talking to mom and she told me about Hubert. I believe that dad was around, that he was helping Hubert pass, and that he was there to greet him, in a fashion not unlike your dad’s pub.

  2. I’m actually writing about this topic in my novel.

    I really enjoyed this post, thx KAP;) Keep ’em coming

  3. I love this. My Dad would also love this kind of Heaven. It will make me feel better to think of our Dads hanging out having a pint when the time comes. Thank you for writing this, sweetie!

  4. Wow, I just read this and am choked up. So beautifully said. And I can feel the love you have for your dad as well as the kind of man he was. And I could see that pub clearly in my mind as I read. You are a talented writer as well as Visual Artist. 🙂 I like to think my pop is in that pub having a grand ol’ time!

  5. Love this!! Over the past few years, I have lost, my Mom, Dad, Husband, Brother, other Family members and numerous close Friends.. If I didn’t believe, that they are all together, in Heaven, I would have surely lost my mind!! Actually some days, I think I have!! The story of your Fathers pub, is awesome!! I’m sure, they have all had a few drinks and shared lots of stories… Talk about signs, never believed it before, since my Husdand died, I feel him around me all the time, a brush against the shoulder, a smell of his soap.. The list goes on!! We have to believe, life goes on and we have to go on with it ,no matter how hard it is.. Thanks for sharing, Cheers!!

  6. Beautiful post! My husband’s father passed away about 17(?) years ago. For this story, you need to know that he passed away shortly after midnight but that his watch had already stopped at 7:10 pm.

    Four years ago on the anniversary of his death, during a particularly cold and snowy January, a bright yellow butterfly showed up inside my sister-in-law’s house and survived about a week. The following year, TWO of her clocks stopped at the same time his watch had stopped. I said to everyone, “Yes, because we could all dismiss one clock stopping at that time, but the message is loud and clear with two clocks doing that.”

    Then two years ago, just after supper, I was putting away a few dishes and turned around to see the light on in our oven. Not so weird, right? Except that the bulb had burned out over a year before, and we hadn’t bothered to replace it. Hmm. It was sometime after 7, but I didn’t think to check the time. The date didn’t dawn on us till a while later. And then last year, an old travel alarm clock that I had forgotten about suddenly went off. Guess what time? Yup. I turned it off but didn’t think anything of it. Again we just didn’t clue in to the date. But it went off again the next morning as we were getting ready for work, and my husband then remembered the date.

    It’s pretty crazy how strong the signs have been the past few years from my father-in-law. 🙂

  7. Beautifully written Keli-Ann! I too never gave this a lot of thought before losing my mom. Now I often wonder where she might be and what’s beyond. I hope she’s having a pint with your dad. She would love that!

  8. Yes, Keli-Ann. That is so true, the signs are all around us. For me, the digital clocks always have a distinct number on them when I look at the time–10:10, or 2:22 , or 4:44…12:12, 5:55, that kind of thing! My mom did the same thing, and used to say it was her dad….now I know it is her, and my son, who passed away seven years ago. Just their ways of letting me know they are with me! It doesn’t happen all the time, even some days when there are no signs at all, and then there will be days when it happens several times.

  9. Sometimes Kelli..we’ll get subtle signs..that EVERYONE/EVERYTHING is alright..and..we sigh..and..we go on with our lives….it’s little things that give us much comfort.

  10. First time reading this post and it brought tears to my eyes and at the same time warmed my heart. Every time I think of our Dad I will invision him doing the exact same thing and enjoying every minute.Thankou for this insight.❤

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