Overworked & Tipsy – An Anniversary Story

April 5, 2011

Work, work, work. I needed a break. Running an interior design company in Halifax was fun and all-consuming – truly a labour of love. To ensure success, I hadn’t allowed myself time for a relationship. Glued to my desk one night, I heard a little voice in my head

[or heart]

say “It’s time to go out”.

I had suppressed my inner party girl for way too long. It was Monday when I got in touch with my peeps and told [yes, told] them we were going out Friday night. A few short years earlier no one would have been surprised to hear that from me but being co-owner of a fairly new business had taken over my life and I had surrendered my social life to make a serious go of this venture. Don’t get me wrong though, I still had fun but it did not include going to bars.

Friday night couldn’t come quick enough. I was so excited about ‘getting out’. That being said, it had been awhile since I had been to a bar and hadn’t been out ‘clubbing’ in Halifax at all. Pubs were my poison but they didn’t provide dancing options. “What was I going to wear?” I was in my early 30s and knew there would be younger chickie-poos with chiquita bar gear so I had to make sure I was rockin’ my own style.

Outfit in check, we all gathered for drinks beforehand for our dose of liquid courage. Being a little out of practice on ‘priming’ before going out, I drank way too much and by the time we got to THE LIQUOR DOME [I mean seriously] at 11:00, I was well on my way.

I would describe the Dome as a booze labyrinth. Located on legendary Argyle Street in downtown Halifax, open from 10:00pm – 3:30am, it has 6 fully stocked bars “big enough that you can let loose with over 800 of your closest friends but still intimate enough that you’ll never feel lost.”

That’s all true except for the ‘lost’ part. On a regular day, sans liquor, I was directionally challenged. Add booze, endless staircases, flashing lights, pumping tunes and 800 of my closest friends, I was rendered useless. My first mistake was breaking away from the pack. What was I thinking? Oh right, I was drunk.

Down a set of stairs, around a corner, through a bar, down a hallway, down more stairs, around 2 corners, another bar, pee stop, more stairs and suddenly I saw a warm inviting glow through a doorway and from within I could hear groovy live music emanating. Like a moth to a flame, I exclaimed [to myself] “I want to dance”.

The moment I walked in through the door, I spotted my dance partner directly across the room 40+ feet away through a sea of vibrating people. His flat top black hair, prominent dark eyebrows and sailor moustache instantly caught my eye. He was looking at me as soon as I walked in the room so I marched across the floor right up to him and asked “Would you like to dance?” He smiled from ear to ear, took a sip of his newly poured drink, handed it to one of his buddies and said ‘Hold my drink, boys. I’m going to dance with my wife!”

Ok, so he didn’t exactly say “with my wife” but it makes for a funnier story. We met exactly 8 years ago today. It taught me that you can meet people anywhere, when you least expect it and you can find true love at a bar so get out there! Put on your party shoes and hot undies and have a smokin’ FRIDAY!

Happy anniversary, Beshman ♥

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