Cauliflower and Chanterelle Salad with Simple Sauce

August 27, 2020

Thanks to my Roots Farm NL Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) basket that shows up like Christmas every Thursday from July to November, I get food items I may not normally buy or even have access to at a grocery store here in Newfoundland. This is one quick salad I made with super simple ingredients. Chopped chartreuse cauliflower (very pretty) and sautéed chanterelle mushrooms from the …

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How to Hang Multiple Artwork Pieces Together – Salon Style

October 1, 2019

The other day I worked out a quote for a multiple custom canvas print arrangement for a client…she needed visuals for how different pieces could hang together, salon style. I did up a quick drawing for her with near-to-scale measurements so she could see how it could look in her living room. FB response from Jean: “Love it! I never know how to place them. I …

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Are My Paintings Melting ?

April 30, 2019

Since I started letting the acrylics drip in my paintings in 2006, I have been asked a few times if my prints are melting – haha! The truth is, the drips are on purpose and are part of my style. I love the gritty-ness of the running paint…hinting at old-school film and creating movement and feeling, which, to me, balances the bright colours and whimsical …

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25 Newfoundland Hiking and Walking tips – Be a Winter Ninja

March 7, 2019

Our Newfoundland winters (sometimes well into June) can be mentally challenging and oh so long if we stay locked up inside by the woodstove. So after one of my bitter cold walks in gorgeous Chapel’s Cove, I decided to film a video of my tips for hiking and walking here in order to make it easier for anyone to get outside and enjoy the elements…no …

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Combat Newfoundland Winters with Casual Cold Exposure

February 27, 2019

Long Newfoundland winters getting you down…every year? Say hello to #casualcoldexposure. This is a new hashtag recently conceived thanks to a convo I had with CBC’s Gavin Simms who was out to the house doing an interview with Besh about his chainsawing a hole in the ice and plunging in our frozen pond all winter and studying the Wim Hof Method. I am a cat …

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